GoFundMe: Sasha’s Steinhorst’s Medical Support Fund

Sasha Steinhorst GoFundMeOur good friend, proponent for skateboarding worldwide, and lifelong skateboarder, Sasha Steinhorst needs your help. He has been fighting a form of cancer called Parotid gland adenocarcinoma since 1992 and has been kicking its ass. In March 2017, doctors discovered another form of cancer in his jaw bone. Major surgery was the only option for him and surgeons had to cut out part of the jaw bone then replace it with his fibula to reconstruct the jaw along with plates and screws.

An 11 hour operation, 7 days of recovery, 21 days on a feeding tube, soft food only and home bound for 2 months with around projected 9 months for recovery – as you can imagine, this isn’t easy to deal with. As much as Sasha has a strong positive outlook, I can tell the internal struggle is tough on him not being able to properly swallow or do the things he once could do.

Based on the risk of having to eat out of a tube for the rest of his life, Sasha has refrained from taking radiation treatment. Instead Sasha is focused on a complete lifestyle change. Continued daily regime of RSO Cannabis oil, High Protein natural plant based diet, High vitamin IV supplements, physical therapy, swallow and speech therapy and as much daily exercise as he can endure.

The current round of procedures totaled over $340,000 in hospital and doctor bills associated with the last surgery. Medical insurance helped to pay for most, but not all of associated medical costs. However, this also does not factor in co-pays, travel costs to UCSF, lost wages during recovery, current living bills, etc, etc. Even with Medical and DI Insurance, it’s almost impossible to cover the burden of associated costs.

We’d like your help in trying to reach a goal of $25-30K. The money donated will help to repay his current and continuing medical and associated costs.

Any donation would be truly appreciated and please help promote this GoFundMe effort on your social media and with friends and family who know Sasha. Thanks so much!

– Don Brown and Skate Daily

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