Josh Kalis Bob Shirt Interview

YouTube Preview ImageAll the classic boards, tricks, and video parts. The sponsor changes, the Philly beefs, and the timeless footage to match. This might be the best Bobshirt interview yet. Put your life on hold for the next 53 minutes and enjoy the Josh Kalis Bobshirt interview.

Know Future: Seven Strong

YouTube Preview ImageThunder Trucks. Know Control. Know Future. Check out young ripper Seven Strong’s footage above and read his interview here on the Thunder site.

Introducing The Tiago Lemos DC Pro Model

YouTube Preview ImageTiago Lemos deservedly landed himself a pro model for DC Shoes, check out this rad commercial that breaks the news. Tiago’s pop is insane!

Joey Pepper For Politic

YouTube Preview ImageOfficially announced as Politic Skateboards’ newest rider a few weeks back, here’s Joey Pepper with a few quick ones for the audio/visual confirmation of the news. Enjoy.

Grey x DC Shoes Wear Test

YouTube Preview Image During the London leg of the recent DC Special Delivery 3 Tour, European riders Thaynan Costa, Josef Scott Jatta and recent addition Leo Valls joined UK rider James Bush at Canada Water to test DC’s new Baker Trase Slip-on S RT and Astor S shoes. Filmed and edited by Sirus F Gahan.

Dakine Presents The Rambler Collection: Dakine X Lucas Beaufort

YouTube Preview ImageWith the needs of their skate team in mind, Dakine partnered with French artist and skateboarder Lucas Beaufort to create The Rambler Collection. Built to survive endless days on the road seeking new spots and good times, and designed with details of Lucas’s hand–drawn creatures, this skate travel collection is approved by their team, from back roads to backyards.