‘Outliers’ Official Trailer

Transwold Skateboarding presents the trailer for their 26th video, ‘Outliers’, filmed by Chris Thiessen, which features Riley Hawk, Lee Yankou, Neen Williams, Zered Bassett, Marius Syvanen and Brad Cromer. Look for it soon. #TWSOUTLIERS

Neffarious in the Northwest

YouTube Preview Image The Neff Skateboarding Team got together for their first ever road trip to film “Neffarious in the Northwest.” This edit with Thrasher Magazine features Neff Skateboarding Team riders Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Dakota Servold, Matt Bennett, Leo Romero, Nick Merlino, Silas Baxter-Neal, and Derrick Wilson.

Tom Asta For Ricta

YouTube Preview Image East Coast powerhouse and proponent of beanies, Tom Asta, gets busy in the raw streets in this video welcoming him on Ricta Wheel Dynamics.

5BORONYC Goes East: Part Three

Red Bull Skateboarding wraps up their three part series, ’5BORONYC Goes East’, with the 5B Team driving across Newfoundland to St. John’s.

Check out Jordan Trahan, Silvester Eduardo, Jimmy McDonald, Rob Gonyon, Joe Tookmanian and Tombo Collabraro in this final clip in the series before they head back to New York City.

adidas Skateboarding: The Legend of Stan Smith

YouTube Preview Image Many people already know Stanley Roger Smith as two time Grand Slam singles champion and one of the greatest tennis players of all time. What people don’t know is that Stan has been a lifelong skater since his childhood in the ’50s.

Check out this creative short produced by Adidas for the new Stan Smith Vulc Shoes.

Strike and Destroy: Luan Oliveira

As promised, Thrasher has posted ‘Strike and Destroy’ at their site that features Luan de Oliveira skating the streets of his hometown of Porto Alegre, Brazil.