Street League Foundation for February

Street League Foundation LogoFor the entire month of February, the crew at Street League is celebrating the Street League Skateboarding Foundation (SLSF).

Starting in 2015, all SLS channels in February will feature videos, photos, and information about the SLS certified plazas. There are currently twenty SLS certified plazas throughout the world, and more planned to open in 2015. To find out which skate plazas are SLS Certified, drop by the Street League Foundation site.

Tom Schaar on Monster Energy Team

YouTube Preview Image Hopefully by now you’ve seen footage from Thrasher Magazines recent Session in the Abyss II event which was held at the DC x Monster vert ramp this past weekend. If not, have a look right here. Yup, vert skating is far from dead.

That said, Monster Energy has announced that they’ve brought teen phenom Tom Schaar on board with their skate team as he gains momentum with age, size, and abilities in the vert realm. Indeed, the future of vert and bowlriding is gaining steam.

Strange Notes 2015: Keep It Strange

YouTube Preview Image Strange Notes has compiled a bunch of clips from a bunch of your favorite skaters to remind you that their site is your home base for the best, raddest, and gnarliest forms of skateboarding your eyeballs will come across on the web. Keep up to date with all of your favorite brands, riders, product features, behind the scenes action, and much more.

DVS Skate and Create Detroit 2015

YouTube Preview Image The DVS team travels to Detroit’s in search of semi-safe abandoned buildings, the kind of off the radar locations that have become ideal breeding grounds for DIY skate spots. With brooms, a drill, and some concrete, they set about converting the nine floors of the fire damaged Fisher Plant 21 into a skateable spot with a surreal ghostly backdrop.

Tampa Pro 2015 Teaser

YouTube Preview Image Tampa Pro planning is officially underway and the crew at SPoT are stoked that it’s almost here. If you weren’t here last year and didn’t catch the broadcast, you can check out the full recap here. A whole weekend of partying and insane skateboarding? Yes. Check out the full schedule here and get your tickets here. Here’s a teaser put together by Frank to get you as hyped as we are.

RVCA: 101 Trip

RVCA takes a road trip up the 101 with advocates Curren Caples, Greyson Fletcher, Kalani David and Shane Borland in this clip by Brandon Jensen. See more from the journey by clicking here.