The History of 20 Years of Chocolate Skateboards

YouTube Preview Image Chocolate Skateboards turned 20 this year and to celebrate, they jumped into the archives to put together a traveling art show that features the brand’s greatest board graphics and much more.

The 20th Anniversary art show recently made its way to NYC during the Brooklyn Dew Tour and Green Label got a chance to catch up with Andy Jenkins, Chico Brenes, Kenny Anderson, Gino Innaucci, Sam Smyth and Jeremy Carnahan about the origins and future of one of skateboarding’s most prolific companies.

Solstice Skateboarding: Open Ep. 7

YouTube Preview Image RIDE’s new series is all about showcasing shop videos and this week Ride Channel is featuring Solstice Skateshop located in New Bedford, MA. Check it out.

Rip Clip: Brendan Keaveny

YouTube Preview Image San Diego’s Brendan Keaveny has a unique eye for the spots he skates and the tricks he does. Watch him dish out just over a minute of bangers in his ‘Rip Clip’ from The Skateboard Mag.

Frankie Heck Knows

YouTube Preview Image Fresh off his new ‘Dream’ part, Frankie Heck shows no signs of slowing down and comes through with the newest Thunder Knows video clip. Check out the new clip and interview and be sure to follow @frankieheck on Instagram to see where he’ll be hiding trucks this week.

Independent Trucks: @Home with Milton Martinez

YouTube Preview Image For Milton Martinez, skateboarding is truly a family affair. In this @Home for Strange Notes and Independent Trucks, Milton welcomes us to his home and takes out for a day’s skating at his local spots in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Checkout his full part on Oct 6th!

Vans France: Concrete Weekend Annecy

YouTube Preview Image Check out the video of last weekend’s Vans Concrete Weekend, which took place at the Les Marquisats Skate Park in Annecy, France. This year both amateurs and pro’s battled in the bowl and on the street for the over $5,000 in cash.

Am Street Results
1. Kevin Deschamps
2. Leo Morisot
3. Thomas Vaugeois

Am Bowl Results
1. Raphael Ostorero
2. Sebastien Poix
3. Dylan Valla

Pro Street Results
1. Maxime Genin
2. Matisse Banc
3. Romuald Link

Pro Bowl Results
1. Daan Van Der Linden
2. Joris Brichet
3. Stephen Boussac