Weekend Buzz: Tony Hawk & Andrew Reynolds

YouTube Preview Image This week, on Weekend Buzz part 1 of 2, the guys set up shop at Black in Hollywood with Tony Hawk and Andrew Reynolds to talk about perfection, Street League, skating for fun, Tony’s New video part, filming for Made 2, corporate skateboarding, video games and more.

DC SHOES: Matt Miller Shoe (Full Part)

YouTube Preview Image Matt Miller is the definition of a true skate rat, and his debut pro model shoe is more than well deserved. Sit back and enjoy the technical wizardry and massive pop in this video part introducing his signature shoe.

Brixton’s Mason Merlino

Mason Merlino is featured in this latest clip from Brixton.

Zero’s “NO CA$H VALUE” Teaser

Zero is working on a new video project called “NO CA$H VALUE”. They’re dropping a full part on the Thrasher site every 60 days and this is a teaser for the Opening Montage: Volume 1 that goes up on Friday.

Auby’s World Part

YouTube Preview Image Thrasher has posted the much awaited “Auby’s World Part” to their site. “Auby Taylor is a true ledge wizard but as this part progresses the tricks and spots just keep getting gnarlier. Epic part, epic dude. You gotta watch this.”

Afternoon In The Park: Stereo

YouTube Preview Image Co-Captain Chris Pastras leads a heavy crew of field agents, ams and pros, including rookie Tommy Fynn, for an “Afternoon In The Park” at the Transworld facility.