Supra Presents The Lizard King Signature Shredder

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Supra presents the all-new Shredder low top. They’ve taken the traditional vulcanized skate shoe and adapted it to meet Lizard’s own tastes and needs. Shredder offers a classic, straightforward design updated to meet the demands of modern skateboarding. Hit up your local SUPRA Footwear retailer to grab a pair, or go to

Nick Boserio’s “No Cash Value” Part

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Thrasher Mag has posted Nick Boserios’s insane part for “No Cash Value”.

PUSH: #ADetroitFilm Trailer

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Detroit’s struggles are no secret. The city filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy two years ago next week. But in spite of a grim economic reality, young people, skaters among them, are pushing forward. In “A Detroit Film”, Jordan Garland tells their story. Check out a trailer for his documentary now.

Street League Skateboarding Los Angeles Slay Sunday

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This week’s Slay Sunday takes place at Street League’s Stop 1: Los Angeles and features Evan Smith, Chris Cole, Ryan Sheckler, Louie Lopez, Ryan Decenzo, Tom Asta, Torey Pudwill, Kelvin Hoefler, Nyjah Huston and Cody McEntire. Filmed by Arnaldo Rosario.

NASS 2015: Birdhouse ‘European Vacation’ Demo

YouTube Preview ImageSidewalk Mag checks in with this footage from Saturday’s Birdhouse vert demo with Tony Hawk, Lizzie Armanto, Kevin Staab and Sam Beckett at Nass 2015.

Luan Takes SLS LA

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It all came down to the final moments of the first stop in Los Angeles. Luan Oliveira took home his first SLS Nike SB World Tour win, knocking Nyjah Huston out of the lead on the final trick, a switch frontside bigspin heelflip. Congratulations Luan! Also important to note, three SLS rookies Cody McEntire, Kelvon Hoefler and Evan Smith each stacked up valuable points in the qualifying rounds to make it to the finals. Read the full story at

Final Results
1. Luan Oliveira 34.2
2. Nyjah Huston 34.0
3. Chaz Ortiz 33.1
4. Cody McEntire 31.1
5. Chris Cole 30.3
6. Kelvin Hoefler 29.0
7. Ryan Decenzo 28.3
8. Evan Smith 21.5