HUF in Texas

YouTube Preview Image Check out HUF team riders Brad Cromer, Dan Plunkett, Josh Matthews, Kevin Terpening, and Peter Ramondetta, as well as special guests Massimo Cavedoni and Ryan Lay, as they hit San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas during the recent HUF in Texas trip.

One Day With: Emmanuel Guzman

Transworld spends a Sunday with Eman in his hometown of Santa Cruz. Emmanuel is in the not-so-unusual state of many pro skaters where he has a slightly injured knee, so he took us on a typical rehab day of mellow skating and leisure activities to keep positive and healthy while waiting on the results of an MRI.

Jeremy Scott vs. Phillps-NHS Copyright Dispute Resolved

Jeremy ScottThe copyright dispute between Santa Cruz-based NHS Inc. and well-known New York fashion designer Jeremy Scott has been settled. As a part of the agreement, Scott has admitted to his wrong doing and his plagiarism of Jim Phillips’ highly recognizable designs and illustrations and let people know that these particular pieces of apparel and handbags would not be manufactured or sold from his Fall 2013 line. Rightfully, all sample garments have been destroyed.

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel’s report, “We are satisfied with the outcome,” said Bob Denike, the CEO and president of NHS/Santa Cruz Skateboards. “We don’t like to do this kind of stuff, and in fact, we waited a while to see if he would contact us on his own. When he did not, we decided to take action.”

Good on ya NHS. Kooks such as this need to be put in check.

Another Downtown Showdown produced some awesome skating this past Saturday in Paris where twelve teams from all over Europe, the United States and Brazil competed for 50,000 Euros. In the end, Nassim Guammaz helped Element Europe win best team and in turn he earned Best Am of the contest. Below are the complete results. For more info click on over to the Downtown Showdown Paris site.

Final Results (and winners by obstacle)
1. Element (Ross McGouran, Phil Zwijsen, Nassim Guammaz, Karsten Kleppan)
2. Sweet ( Gustav Tönneson, Josef Scott Jatta, Jonas Skröder, Nisse Ingemarsson)
3. Flip (Geoff Rowley, Ben Nordberg, Luan Oliveira, Louie Lopez)
4. Drop Dead (Pedro Barros, Rodolfo Ramos, Evandro Martins, Guilherme Guimarães) + guest Chris Pfanner

Palace Obstacle
1. Luan Oliveira
2. Louie Lopez
3. Yuri Facchini

Element Obstacle
1. Pedro Barros
2 Sylvain Tognelli
3 Louie Lopez

Cliché Obstacle
1. Josef Scott Jatta
2. Luan Oliveira
3. Louie Lopez

Flip Obstacle
1. Nassim Guammaz
2. Karsten Kleppan
3. Chris Pfanner

Monster Quasimodo Prize Evandro Martins
Best AM - Nassim Guammaz
Best Pro - Luan Oliveira

Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding – Fullpipes

YouTube Preview Image
In this episode of The Letters, Jeff Grosso sits down with legendary vert masters Steve Alba and Duane Peters where they discuss the roots of pipe skating and the many tales of their explorations and side shows, loops and more.

Chili Bowl 9 Results

YouTube Preview Image
Toad and Salmon’s Chili Bowl 9 got wild on Saturday afternoon with plenty of fools crowding the coping and shouting from Heckle Hill overlooking San Francisco’s Potrero Del Sol skatepark. The collisions were brutal and the action was at an all time high. Peep the footage above and see for yourself!

Final Results
Pro/Am Open
1. Ronnie Sandoval
2. Chris Russell
3. Chris Gregson
4. Cody Chapman
5. Kevin Kowalski
6. Demarcus James

1. Jeff Taylor
2. Eric Bibelheimer
3. Jimmy Marcus

1. Julz Lynn
2. Lizzie Armanto
3. Allysha Bergado

1. CJ Collins
2. Seth Sanders
3. Felix Meyers

Chili Cook Off
1. Josh Matlock – Grandma’s Chili
2. Carmen and Lydia Visser – Goat Gap
3. Jane Ireland – Blood of The Beast