Dew Tour: Louie Lopez Wins Skate Street Finals

Final Results

1. Louie Lopez
2. Kelvin Hoefler
3. Ryan Decenzo
4. Sean Malto
5. Chaz Ortiz
6. Alec Majerus
7. David Gonzalez
8. Curren Caples
9. Greg Lutzka
10. Peter Ramondetta

Dew Tour: Street Semi-Final Results and Finals Schedule

When the sun had set over the Street Course in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza last night, Louie Lopez skated his way to first place leading into today’s finals.

“It feels crazy, I did not expect to qualify first at all,” said Louie still in disbelief of how well he scored. “I tried not to think about it too much but it was definitely crazy skating with P-Rod and all those guys. I’m just looking forward to having a good time tomorrow. I’m hyped! The course is fun.”

Thursday’s top qualifier Kelvin Hoefler had finshed in second place and Sean Malto rounded out the top three positions. A field of twelve skaters will skate in the finals today that will be broadcast on NBC at 4pm EST or you can catch the live stream webcast here.

Think you’ll be on the road at that time? No problem. The NBC Sports Live Extra app is available for free for both iOS and Android mobile devices via iTunes or Google Play.

Semi-Final Results
1st Louie Lopez
2nd Kelvin Hoefler
3rd Sean Malto
4th Chaz Ortiz
5th David Gonzalez
6th Alec Majerus
7th Greg Lutzka
8th Ryan Decenzo
9th Paul Rodriguez
10th Felipe Gustavo
11th Curren Caples
12th Peter Ramondetta

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