Fourstar Team Heads Down Under

Fourstar ClothingFourstar’s team is heading to Australia later this month with tour guides and native sons Shane O’Neill and Andrew Brophy to battle the heat and skate some of the best spots on that continent. Demos and signings are in the mix as well. Follow Fourstar’s social media for all updates and such.

Greetings From Dubai

With a good portion of the U.S. dealing with the harsh realities of winter, Red Bull Skateboarding takes us around the world to drop in on the growing skate scene in Dubai.

Thunder Trucks: Peter Ramondetta Knows

YouTube Preview Image Peter Ramondetta hits up Golden Gate park for a quick set up Frontside Flip in the newest Thunder Knows video clip. Be sure to check out the new pro trucks from Shane O’Neill, Dylan Rieder, Chris Cole and Mark Suciu.

Roll Call: Asphalt Yacht Club

With Asphalt Yacht Club’s ‘Sails The Southwest’ video dropping tomorrow, Transworld wanted to get you juiced with some park clips. Check out Jaws, Riley Hawk, Nyjah Huston, Ben Nordberg, and Blake Carpenter, then click here for a group interview with the boys.

Sebo Walker on Krooked

YouTube Preview ImageHe’s been on the flowgram for a while, but Sebo Walker has been finally welcomed as the newest member of the Krooked Turf Killer family. Have a look at the newest drop of goods from Krooked including the new personality krisis II pro series, glow in the dark zingers, and some new pro one-offs from Anderson, Cromer, Gonz and more.

Strange Notes Saturday Super Show Episode 6

YouTube Preview Image This installment of the Strange Notes ‘Saturday Super Show‘ features a wallride session, barefoot frontsides, negative slo mo and more! Starring Jason Jessee, Ryan Reyes, Justin Strubing, Darren Naverette, Peter Raffin, Josh Borden and Willis Kimbel.