Tim Brauch Memorial 2013 Footage

On August 24th, the skateboard world celebrated the memory of Tim Brauch in San Jose, California. Seems fitting for San Jose native and skate legend Steve Caballero to introduce this clip for ESPN and then proceeded to win the Masters Division.

Best Of KOTR 2003 & 2004

As Thrasher Mag gears up for King Of The Road 2013, they’ve hit the rewind button to flashback to the KOTR trips from 2003 and 2004.

Lend Jimi Damone a Helping Hand

Jimi DamoneJimi Damone is a skater, artist and friend of many in the skateboarding community and he recently lost several fingers on his right hand in an unfortunate woodworking accident. Like many of us, he has no medical insurance. At this critical time, he could use all of the financial support that we can bring to him. Please click on this Give Forward link and contribute whatever you can to him. 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s or more…it all ads up to help him get through this rough spot in his life. Thanks.

Battle At Hastings IV This Saturday

The Battle At Hastings IV is happening once again this Saturday, August 31st at the world-famous Hastings bowl in Vancouver, BC with a $15,000 prize purse up for grabs. This Ultimate Distribution x Concrete trailer features footage from last year’s battle. Skaters in order of appearance: Chris Steggles, Steve Denham, Danny Tumia, Mason Merlino, Alex Chalmers, Tyler Martin, Michael O’Friel, Adam Hopkins, Eisei “Ace” Sugimoto.

King Of The Road 2013: Teams Announced

YouTube Preview Image

Jake Phelps announces the four teams that will be competing for this Thrasher’s ‘King Of The Road 2013′.

Scum League: New Jersey

YouTube Preview Image
OJ Wheels presents a day in the life of the Scum League All-Stars featuring Fred Gall, Justin Strubing, Stefan Janoski, Brian Delatorre, Joel Meinholz and more enjoying a rainy day in New Jersey.