Clash At Clairemont 7 Savors Success

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A jam-packed venue of spectators attended the Sonic Generations of Skate contest at Clash at Clairemont 7 to watch select teams of vert skaters throw down their biggest tricks in a unique team contest in support of Grind for Life and The Mission Valley YMCA. Legendary Tony Hawk, Andy Macdonald and Mitchie Brusco, once again won the competition and donated their prize money to Grind for Life.
The event featured four contests: individual runs, high air, best trick and team triples, where each pro competed against their own generation for team points. Each of the four teams were comprised of three riders from different generations of vert skating. Every individual pushed the level of progression with technical lip tricks, varied aerials, and more.
Sonic Generations of Skate Results
1st Place:  Team Black – Tony Hawk, Andy Macdonald Mitchie Brusco
2nd Place:  Team Purple – Kevin Staab, Bucky Lasek, Marcelo Bastos
3rd Place:  Team Yellow:  Mike McGill, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Jimmy Wilkins
4th Place:  Team Red:  Sergie Ventura, Lincoln Ueda, Adam Taylor

“This seventh annual event highlighted an all-time brotherhood of skateboarding where all the pros came together for a great cause to help fundraise for travel and other expenses that insurance doesn’t cover for those going through cancer,” said Mike Rogers, founder, Grind for Life. “This year was the best turn-out ever. The Sonic Generations of Skate competition was a great addition to the Clash at Clairemont. The kids were stoked on the triples and the variety of runs put together by the different generations of pros.”
Sonic Generations of Skate will air nationally on FOX Sports Net beginning on November 29th at 5 pm and 11 pm. Please check your local listings for specific air times and updated information. For more detailed information on the Sonic Generations of Skate, visit

A Push To Remember – Skating Across America to End Alzheimer’s

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On July 4th, 2013, Jack Smith and four others, ranging in age from 20 to 56 will begin to push their skateboards 3,000 miles from Newport, Oregon to New York City, New York in a little over three weeks. Jack’s father passed away in October of 2012 due to complications from Alzheimer’s Disease.

The group is making this push in his honor and to raise awareness and research funds for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Presently, they are just short of their funding goal of $10,000 . Drop on by their Push to Remember funding page and contribute to this very worthy cause. And be sure, Jack and his team will deliver. This will be Jack’s four trek across the country on his skateboard.

WeActivist Arto Saari: A Modern Retrospect!

WeActivist Chris Pastras sits with modern day skateboard legend and new WeActivist Arto Saari to discuss his Finish roots, earning worldwide recognition, and his rise to fame alongside Geoff Rowley and crew at Flip Skateboards.

DC Releases Nyjah Huston Signature Shoe

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The release of Nyjah Huston’s first DC signature shoe hits hard with a never before done trick at Hollywood High. Yet again, this teenage phenom leaves another benchmark in the skateboarding history books.

Video Nasty Trailer 3: Deer Man of Dark Woods

Heroin Skateboards’ third Video Nasty trailer features the mysterious entity known only as “Deer Man of Dark Woods” part of the infamous Barrier Kult. Hailing from the frozen wastelands of Canada, Deer Man has committed himself wholly and unreservedly to the unholy act of “Barrier” skating, finding a purity in it that he felt was perhaps lacking in other aspects of skateboarding.

This trailer contains scenes of ritualistic barrier worship, and skateboarding of the most diabolical kind, it is NOT recommended for the faint hearted. Keep telling yourselves, it’s only a trailer, it’s only a trailer… Video Nasty drops in July 2013.

Clash at Clairemont 7 Aims to Crush Cancer


The 7th Annual Clash at Clairemont takes place tomorrow at the Mission Valley YMCA near San Diego tomorrow to raise awareness about cancer and funds for the Grind For Life cancer charity. In the mix this year are Tony Hawk, Andy Macdonald, Bucky Lasek, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Elliot Sloan, Sergie Ventura, Lincoln Ueda, Duane Peters, Eddie Elguera, Christian Hosoi, Mike McGill and others. Music by Mix Master Mike along with special guests, P.O.D. and Three Wheels Out.

The Clash at Clairemont 7
will feature the Sonic Generations of Skate presented by Sonic Lost World! This unique team competition format celebrates three generations of half-pipe skateboarding over the past decades. Each team consists of one 40-something skater (first generation), one 30-something skater (second generation) and one 20- something or younger skater (third generation) competing against the other teams with the same mix!

Check the official Clash at Clairemont 7 site for directions and complete info and details.