Rest In Peace Matt Reason

YouTube Preview ImageFor those of us that remember the early foundations of skateboarding switchstance, Pittsburgh’s Matt Reason was one of the early progressive adopters of rolling opposite footed and he did it with style and power. Like Salman Agah, he was one of the pioneers and pushed what could be done on a skateboard riding switch. Philadelphia’s Love Park was his frequented terrain, but he took his skateboarding overseas, to the west coast and beyond…to a place where new levels of skill could be envisioned.

News has circulated via texts, phone calls and social media channels yesterday that Matt has recently passed on from this world from complications of pneumonia. It’s saddening, yet comforting to know that his goodness both on and off the board will be forever celebrated and remembered.

Rest in Peace Matt Reason

Ricta Wheels: David Loy

YouTube Preview Image Ricta Wheels is proud to announce the addition of David Loy to it’s already illustrious roster. What better way to celebrate than with 3 minutes of Loy footage?! Keep an eye out for a David’s Pro Speedrings Wheels coming soon!

Getting Tricks: The Making of Coastal Business

Both Vladik Scholz and Denny Pham were asked to film a full-blown video part in two of skateboarding’s major playgrounds: Los Angeles and New York City for Red Bull’s “Coastal Business”.

The second episode of The Making of Coastal Business shows the hardships of trying to log footage on the streets of New York City or the schoolyards of Los Angeles. Check it out.

Bones Brigade Secret Session at House of Vans Brooklyn

YouTube Preview Image The Tony Hawk Foundation hosted a fundraiser at House of Vans Brooklyn. Skaters included Tony Hawk, Eddie Elguera, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, Rodney Mullen, Christian Hosoi, Ben Raybourn, Chris Cole, Ishod Wair, Corbin Harris, Kevin Staab, Riley Hawk and Nyjah Huston!

Auby’s World Teaser

YouTube Preview Image Lunatic Fringe alumnus, KOTR Mystery Guest, and all-around maniac on the stuntwood. Look for Auby Taylor’s part on the Thrasher website tomorrow.

Blake Johnson For Santa Cruz

YouTube Preview Image Blake Johnson gets a formal introduction to the Santa Cruz team in this latest clip.