Roll Call: Asphalt Yacht Club

With Asphalt Yacht Club’s ‘Sails The Southwest’ video dropping tomorrow, Transworld wanted to get you juiced with some park clips. Check out Jaws, Riley Hawk, Nyjah Huston, Ben Nordberg, and Blake Carpenter, then click here for a group interview with the boys.

Sebo Walker on Krooked

YouTube Preview ImageHe’s been on the flowgram for a while, but Sebo Walker has been finally welcomed as the newest member of the Krooked Turf Killer family. Have a look at the newest drop of goods from Krooked including the new personality krisis II pro series, glow in the dark zingers, and some new pro one-offs from Anderson, Cromer, Gonz and more.

Strange Notes Saturday Super Show Episode 6

YouTube Preview Image This installment of the Strange Notes ‘Saturday Super Show‘ features a wallride session, barefoot frontsides, negative slo mo and more! Starring Jason Jessee, Ryan Reyes, Justin Strubing, Darren Naverette, Peter Raffin, Josh Borden and Willis Kimbel.

Nuge’s Bike Giveaway

The Nuge, in conjunction with Kingswells Los Feliz, have come up with a once in a lifetime offer. Buy a special edition Vol 4 Planetary Caravan Cruiser board, and be entered to have a 1 in 100 chance to win a custom 1969 Harley Davidson.

Boards will go on sale Monday Feb. 3rd on the Volume 4 Facebook page, and the motorcycle will be on display at Kingswell Los Feliz . Winner will be chosen live February 22nd at Kingswell. Click here for more details and information on terms, conditions, and how to enter.

Evolution Of My Ride: Brian Delatorre

YouTube Preview Image Transworld follows up with their Ed Selego Video Part Commentary and the Miami World View Video, to finish off the week looking at some classic footage of Miami native, Brian Delatorre. Click here to read as Dela walks you through the tape and what he has been rolling on over the years, including what he’s skating today.

The Sesh: Carlsbad Skatepark

Zack Dowdy filmed and edited this lastest clip for ‘The Sesh’ series at The Skateboard Mag site. Check out Dolan Stearns, Mason Merlino & Sean Conover making their way through the newly opened Carlsbad Skatepark.