Gino Iannucci For Bobshirt

YouTube Preview Image Gino talks about skateboard graphics, Axions, 101, Chocolate, Nautica and more. Check out these decks and more at the Deckaid show, a fundraiser for Skatistan on June 27th in Brooklyn.

Skaters In Cars Looking At Spots: Marty Murawski

In the latest episode of “Skaters in Cars Looking at Spots,” Chris Nieratko meets up with Send Help pro Marty Murawski in Tempe, Arizona.

Jimmy Carlin JC01 Commercial

YouTube Preview Image C1RCA proudly presents the JC01, Jimmy Carlin’s first signature shoe. The JC01 is equipped with C1RCA’s patented Aerocushâ„¢ support system through the midsole of the shoe for added cushioning on impact.

Firing Line: Frank Shaw

YouTube Preview Image Frank Shaw covers a lot of ground on this late night Burnside assault for the most recent installment of “Firing Line” from Thrasher Mag.

Standard Definition Video Log #011

YouTube Preview Image Matt Steindl has posted some footage from the last month of filming for “Standard Definition” which features Neil Herrick, Mike Moll, Jimmy Carr, and Chris Mathis. DVDs are now available for purchase by clicking here.

Chris Wimer’s “No Cash Value” Teaser

YouTube Preview Image Familiarize yourself with the name. Chris Wimer skates fast and fearless, blazing his way onto the Zero squad. Part premieres at the Thrasher site Monday.