adidas Skate Copa 2015 Southwest Regionals in Los Angeles

YouTube Preview Image 18 skate shop teams from the Southwest were at Westchester Skate Plaza for the first stop of the adidas Skate Copa 2015. The crew from The Boardr has assembled a collection of photos and breakdown of how the Active Ride Shop team successfully worked their way through the brackets. Click here to see their review.

2015 Vans Am Combi Classic Results

Saturday’s Vans Amateur Combi Classic ushered in a good look at the next generation of bowlriding’s talents and paid many of them well above minimum wage for an afternoon’s work. Check the video above to see the stunts from many of these bowl starved finalists.

The top six from each division are listed below. Head over to the World Cup Skateboarding site for complete results.
Final Results
15 and Over
1. Charlie Martin
2. Jeromy Green
3. Iago Magalhaes
4. Travis Rivera
5. Jake Ilardi
6. Trent Bowman

14 and Under
1. Asher Bradshaw
2. Evan Doherty
3. Kiko Francisco
4. Jack Winburn
5. Tate Carew
6. Cash Money Kenton

DVS Skateboarding Luis Tolentino Remix

DVS has released a remix clip featuring Luis Tolentino to promote their new Endeavor shoe.

Ben Raybourn Wheel Giveaway

YouTube Preview Image Bones Wheels is giving away pairs of Ben Raybourn wheels. Sign up here for your chance to win a set. One new winner every day.

BFFS: Flip “Sorry” Sessions Part 2

The battles and injuries start to pile up for the Flip riders as the “Sorry” deadline nears. There’s still plenty of makes though.

Tim Savage’s “Gem” Trailer

YouTube Preview Image “Gem” is title of the soon to be released video from Tim Savage which will showcase some heavy hitters from the Northeast including Nick Govatsos, Serge Murphy, Frankie Nash, Eric Martinac and more.