“Lost In Translation” DVD

“Lost In Transition” is the untold story of backyard ramps and pools in the south, and the role they played keeping skatingboarding alive at a time when its fate was uncertain. These ramps and backyard scenes represent the beginning of the DIY revolution that gave skateboarding the freedom it needed to survive.

The footage in this film was all filmed between the years of 1982 and 1992, documenting the gap between the fall of vert skating and the rise of street. The video includes full sections from the 1988 Underground Skatepark NSA Contest, the Ramp Ranch, the Garden Ramp and much more. Order your copy by clicking here.

The OJ Show: Episode 3

YouTube Preview Image Hurt feelings, a new team rider, Lincoln City, Joe Red, doubles, a dude with a name that sounds like that one movie, slams, and handball. All in a day’s work. Check out Episode 3 of “The OJ Show” from Thrasher Mag.


YouTube Preview Image The crew at Deluxe just posted a new Pro Tips video with the Our Life crew in #THEBUILDPROJECT Resources site.
Tune in to gain a few words of wisdom and DIY Tips from T-Mo, Albino, and Sean Gutierrez.

Ty Evans: The Route One Skype Interview – Part One

YouTube Preview Image
As the world was finally able to sit down and take in the breathtakingly beautiful ‘We are Blood’ last week, Route One managed to score an exclusive Skype chat with the man behind the project; legendary film maker Ty Evans.

In the first half of this two part interview Ty discusses leaving Girl to join Brain Farm, his decisions behind the structure of the vid and his penchant for cutting edge video technology.

The OJ Show: Episode 3 Teaser

YouTube Preview Image
Episode 3 of the OJ show goes live this Saturday at the Thrasher site with Greyson, Gregson, Malky, SOTY, and Jessee. Get Juiced!

Levi’s Skateboarding Presents: Spot Delivery Tour (Trailer)

YouTube Preview Image
The Levi’s® Skateboarding crew took to the road again this summer for a two month Spot Delivery Tour– a mission to connect with local skate communities, repair existing skate parks and build new DIY spots throughout Europe.

The team traveled over 3.500km over the 47 day tour visiting Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany, building 6 new parks in Zurich, Postoijna, Zagreb, Vienna, Dresden and Copenhagen culminating in a DIY park for the finals of this year’s CPH Open.