Stereophonic Sound Volume 25

YouTube Preview Image In Volume 25, follow the Stereo team, including Tommy Fynn, Jordan Hoffart, Nate Greenwood, Chris Pastras and more to a session at Diamond Skate Plaza in Los Angeles.

Then hit the streets with Field Agents Georgie Tsushima, Kevin Love, Ben Fisher, Yoshi Tanenbaum, and Jordan Hoffart.

The episode winds down with a schoolyard line from Dune with a look at the new Robert Mars Classics series.

Matix Ambassador Mark Dodd

YouTube Preview Image Dedication, patience, and tough skin make up the majority of skateboarders in the North East and Mark Dodd is no exception. With the 4 seasons being harsh, unpredictable and sometimes cruel the act of skateboarding outside is not as easy as one would think. As soon as the snow thawed and the sun came out, Mark used that short period of time to get this project done in this clip for Matix filmed by Micheal Cirelli.

Daniel Wårdh For Vans

YouTube Preview Image Filmed in and around Sweden and Spain during some rather intense trips during last years holidays, Vans rider Daniel Wårdh comes through with a solid, stylish part for your viewing pleasure!

Volcom ISPO Mini Ramp Contest Highlights

YouTube Preview Image The ISPO tradeshow on took place last week in Munich, Germany, with its 8000€ prize money miniramp contest. A heavy field of international skaters tore the ramp apart on Friday and Volcom has compiled the best into this edit.

Matt Evs Joins the Masters Division Street

YouTube Preview ImageIt’s been said before, but indeed, forty is the new thirty. For example, our pal and Tiltmode Army webmaster Matt Eversole recently moved on up to the fourth floor of life and delivered this full length street part to celebrate and thank skateboarding for being in his life.

Yes, it’s called fun. Get out there and have some! Hallelujah!

Australian Bowl-Riding Championships Results

ABC2015Australia’s Beach Bar Skatepark in Newcastle hosted the fourth annual Australian Bowl-Riding Championships last weekend where Alex Sorgente snagged a three-peat victory. Top finalists in the Pro and masters divisions are below and complete results can be found right here.

Final Results
1. Alex Sorgente
2. Tom Schaar
3. Cory Juneau
4. Ivan Federico
5. RJ Barbaro
6. Trey Wood
7. Josh Rodriguez
8. George Richards

1. Bruno Passos
2. Brian Patch
3. Pat Ngoho
4. Sean Goff
5. Luke Jones
6. Chris Patton