Stance Holiday 2013 Expressions

Stance introduces their Holiday 2013 collection, featuring collaborations with Fourstar, King’s Club Barbershop, Keep a Breast, as well as a variety of unique collaborations with their Punks & Poets such as Brian Bent and Kassia Meador.

Spencer Fujimoto’s El Señor New York Skateboard Jewelry Co

YouTube Preview Image For the most recent episode of ‘dose.’, Tim Brodhagen sits down with Spencer Fujimoto to discuss El Señor New York Skateboard Jewelry Co, a line of jewelry modeled after iconic spots like Love Park, Embarcadero, Hubba Hideout and Brooklyn Banks.

A Skatepark Success Story: Detroit’s Ride It Sculpture Park

YouTube Preview Image In 2013, the Tony Hawk Foundation raised $50,000 to help complete the Ride It Sculpture Park, a cornerstone of the effort by the nonprofit Power House Productions to revitalize this north-central Detroit neighborhood. This is the story of how creativity and a relentless pursuit of success can make the difference between dreaming and doing.

Alex Midler’s Roll-A-Thon

YouTube Preview Image Last Sunday on October 20th, Alex Midler held his third Annual ‘Roll-A-Thon’ to benefit the ‘Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation’. The mission of ‘Johnny Kicks Cancer’ is to cure childhood leukemia through awareness and funding for cutting-edge research, as well as to empower and encourage patients, families and doctors in their fight against the number one childhood cancer.

Volcom has posted this video recap of the event along with a collection of photos at their website.

Derek Fukuhara Skates Santa Ana: A to B

YouTube Preview Image Derek Fukuhara speeds through the street of Santa Ana in this latest ‘A To B’ clip from Ride Channel.

Bonus Brigade DVD and Digital Download Out Now!

YouTube Preview Image
Bonus Brigade collector’s edition, was released yesterday on DVD and digital download. This edition does not include Bones Brigade : An Autobiography, but it does have 175 minutes of bonus footage, including:
* Unseen interviews, stories, and interactions on the set.
* Unseen footage covering street skating, skate videos, and more.
* Red carpet highlights from the Sundance and Santa Barbara film festivals.

Get to it!