Jacob Messex Filmus Zine II Release Party Recap

YouTube Preview Image The Skateboard Mag and Kingswell teamed up to bring Jacob Messex back to Los Feliz for the release of his 100 page Zine Filmus II.

Home Invasion: Jim Greco Ep. 1

Epic TV invites you you hang with Jim Greco as he invades the homes of some of the world’s best skaters. Today he’s beginning with his own home inside his skatepark, the House of Hammers.

Fresh Crops: Al Brunelle Wear Test

fresh_crops The latest Fresh Crops from The Skateboard Mag was shot on location during the filming of Al Brunelle’s newest video part, an epic wear test of the latest gear from the Levi’s Skateboarding collection. Click here for a rad gallery of photos from the project shot by Zack Dowdy.

Dekline Footwear’s “True Blue” Full Length Video

YouTube Preview Image Check out Dekline Footwear’s “True Blue” in its entirety with Blake Carpenter, Chad Tim Tim, James Hardy, Pat Burke, Nick Merlino, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Ryan Spencer, Matt Bennett and Dakota Servold.

The 2014 Damn Am Awards

YouTube Preview Image Every year, scores of ams come out to compete in Damn Am, the series leading up to Tampa Am, the contest held each December at the Skatepark of Tampa. Is it competitive? Sure. But it’s also fun. This year, Jagger Eaton took the top spot, with Mickey Papa and Hermann Stene in second and third, respectively.

But those aren’t the only rankings that count. After the results have been announced, the crew from the Skatepark of Tampa hands out the Damn Am Awards, a series of honors recognizing other notable achievements from the skaters. These range from Rising Son to Blonde Ambition. Check out more here.

Skating Classic New York City Street Spots

YouTube Preview Image As one of the world’s most iconic cities, it’s not surprising that NYC has been one of the most popular skate destinations for decades. Historically, lower Manhattan has been the hub of skateboarding in NY, and sessions at the Brooklyn Banks date back to the early 1980s.

The streets of downtown, midtown and everywhere in between are featured in countless videos that helped shape the aesthetic and identity of east coast skateboarding as a whole.