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Go Puck

Go PuckOne of the best things about mobile media devices is that they allow us to communicate and document our lives and events from virtually any region of the planet. Unfortunately, many of these cameras, smartphones, and tablets tend to be inefficient in battery life to last throughout an entire day. When you’re out on the road, off the grid or away for several hours in a day skating or busy being that god forsaken selfie guy, it’s more than likely that you’re going to need some crucial and additional backup in battery power.

Go Puck iPhone

Consider the Go Puck. It’s an essential compact power source that’s easy to carry, optionally wearable, and ready to keep you free from missing that Instagram photo, shooting a crucial GoPro clip or receiving important texts or email.

GoPuck Power

GoPuck GoPro

There are currently two low priced GoPuck models available – both with two individual charging options (normal and rapid) via a micro USB cable provided. Also included is one Active Munt with 1/4″ thread.

GoPuck Japan

So Go Puck yourself and be prepared and ready for those moments where the only power source available becomes the one charged in your backpack. For more info, connect with gopuck.com.

Venture Trucks Spring 2015

Westgate Venture

Brandon Westgate kicks off the new Venture Spring Drop 3 release with his newest Venture ad. Plus, Nick Tucker and Josh Matthews get their first ever Pro Model trucks, hitting skate shop shelves everywhere now.

Spitfire Wheels: Arson Dept.

Dennis Busenitz, Frank Gerwer, Dan Plunkett hit the streets of San Francisco for the new Spitfire Wheels Arson Department Spring ‘15 Catalog.


Krooked Spring 2015


The newest release from Krooked takes it back to the Zeroks Machine for an all new pro series along with new pro one-offs from Cromer, Gonz and Worrest. Then Anderson, Worrest, Sebo & special guest Jake Johnson return to Korea for the ‘Selfie Sticks & Korea Tricks’ the remix.


Richer Poorer Spring 2015 Lookbook

The Richer Poorer brand began in 2010. One of the most important things to consider as you’re entering any market is who you choose to associate with your brand. For it’s Skate Marketing Manager, RP chose a long running major player in both skate and art design in Chris “Dune” Pastras.

“A friend of mine suggested myself to help them with launching a skate related ambassador program. I took one look at the branding, the product, and the people already involved and said yes. I knew it was solid and something that would appeal to the creative types in my circles.”

chris Pastras frontside wallride mute grab photo Seu Trinh

Since signing on in the Fall of 2014, Pastras has been tasked with introducing RP into the skate community. When asked if there would be an RP skate team or a collection of Ambassadors he explains, “Closer to Ambassadors then a “competitive skate team”. We call it the RP Athletic Club, even though there isn’t much Athletic about it. Think of it more as the gym club from the ‘20s where you have your handball game, a swim, a martini lunch, and a good meal.”

Justin, Chris, Daniel, Christian table #2 photo Seu Trinh

And what should we expect to see from RP in 2015? “We just launched the Spring Lookbook and season, we’re adding Christian Maalouf from Weekend as our first Athletics Club member besides myself, a couple more steezy people are to follow with some content around them, and we have a special project with Monster Children that will be announced shortly. Check the blog out at richer-poorer.com to follow our activities.”

REAL Spring 2015 Catalog

real_review_01 Brock, Donnelly & Busenitz are winning at finishing last with the new champion series, Ishod takes it back to the 80’S on some new embossed slicks, Chima & Davis go floral, Jake teams up with Real X Adidas, and Davis pens all the captions for a new batch of Morford photos for the new Spring ’15 Release from Real.


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