On Tap

Tampa Am 2014

All eyes may be on the Tampa Pro this weekend but earlier this week Bones Bearings posted a montage from 2014’s Tampa Am contest. Which of these guys will be making the transition from the December event to the March event? Keep tuned.

Wave Enforcers Part Two: The Portland Wheel Company

Mike Franklin: March 14, 2015

This clip of Mike Franklin skating celebrates the 5 year anniversary of doctors telling him he would never skate again following a horrific motorcycle accident. Cheers, Mike!!

SOTY Mural

The April 2015 cover of Thrasher gets thrown up on a wall in Brooklyn by the talented people at Seen.

the red devil

the red devil. a video by William Strobeck for Supreme.

Skateboarding in Oakland: Town Park Documentary

“Skateboarding in Oakland: Town Park Documentary”