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Red Bull DIY Spot Supply: South Philly Bowl

YouTube Preview Image The South Philly Bowl is one of those spots where an incredible reputation precedes the spot. Almost everyone in the City of Brotherly Love and beyond knows the tricks, the clips and the photos that have been produced in a windowless warehouse just off the beaten path. Scott Kmiec and Andrew Laputka were good enough to open the doors to Red Bull Spot Supply over the summer.

A ramp that is part engineering feat, part art installation, the South Philly Bowl fits perfectly into its tight warehouse. Vert ramp transition, bowled out corners, wallrides, and even a street course style pyramid, create a flow that’s taken years to design and produce.

SKATE London with Nick Jensen

YouTube Preview Image Every other Thursday, street skaters take you on a personal tour of the their favorite cities to skate. You’ll discover some of the best skate, chill, gear, food, and beer spots as you get the vibe of a new city. This week, Nick Jensen and crew give you a personal skate tour of London.

Dew Tour Rolls Through Brooklyn, NY This Week

The Dew Tour is headed to Brooklyn, New York later this week for some great street skating action. Rookie Alec Majerus joins Ryan Decenzo, Paul Rodriguez, Sean Malto, Chaz Ortiz and others beginning Saturday, September 20th at the House of Vans.
The action starts at 5:30pm ET / 2:30pm PT, and can be watched live and direct from For those on the go, download the NBC Sports Live Extra app for your mobile device.

Jon Consentino Wins Am Getting Paid 2014

YouTube Preview Image Red hot am Jon Consentino earned the top honors and a grip of cash for his skateboarding skills at 2014’s Am Getting Paid event in Montreal yesterday. Have a look at The Boardr’s highlight reel.

Final Results
1. Jon Consentino
2. Antoine Asselin
3. Tyson Bowerbank
4. JS Lapierre
5. Jereme Knibbs
6. Chase Webb
7. Chris Gregson
8. Bobby De Keyzer
9. Dylan Witkin
10. AJ Zavala

CEARA World Cup of Skateboarding Results

Ceara World Cup of SkateboardingEdging out Luan Oliveira, Kelvin Hoefler won the CEARA World Cup of Skateboarding in Fortaleza, Brazil this weekend.

Final Results
1. Kelvin Hoefler
2. Luan de Oliveira
3. Danilo do Rosario
4. Rodil Jr.
5. Denis Silva
6. Lucas Carvalho
7. Rogerio Lopes
8. Samuel “Jimmy”
9. Malton dos Santos
10. Jefferson Bill

Lincoln City Skatepark’s 15th Birthday Celebration

YouTube Preview ImageThe first phase of Lincoln City’s Kirtsis Skatepark was completed in the summer of 1999. Fifteen years later, this world renowned shred zone still reigns in as one of the gnarliest and most creative forms of skate-able concrete in the country. It was one of the first sanctioned skateparks Mark Scott and crew were offered outside of what they did underneath the Burnside Bridge in Portland, Oregon. It now has 5 phases with a 6th phase sometime in the future and weighs in at 40,000 square feet.

Have a look at the celebration session with Kevin Kowalski, Mark Scott, Alex Foy, Sarah Scanlan and others.