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Mobtage No.3

YouTube Preview Image Check out this clip from Mob Grip riders Silas Baxter-Neal, Austyn Gillette, Matt Miller, Luan Oliveira, Daryl Angel and Stefan Janoski.

Sean Malto For Mountain Dew

YouTube Preview Image Paul Rodriguez welcomes Sean Malto to the Mountain Dew Skate Team.

“Bonus Brigade” Footage to be Released

YouTube Preview Image
Have a look at the Bonus Brigade teaser for the upcoming Bonus Brigade collector’s edition footage. This collector’s edition video of previously unseen content will be released on October 25th on DVD for $15.00, HD digital download for $12.50, and SD digital download for $10.00. This edition does not include the film, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, but contains 175 minutes of bonus footage, including:
* Unseen interviews, stories, and interactions on the set.
* Unseen footage covering street skating, skate videos, and other subjects
* Red carpet highlights from the Sundance and Santa Barbara film festivals, plus much more!

Renegades And Role Models Photo Show


If you’re in the San Francisco area leading up to the Dew Tour, be sure to catch the Renegades and Role Models photo show on Thursday October 10, from 7:30 pm – 10 pm at FTCSF. The show will highlight 30 years of skate photography by Bryce Kanights.

In addition to the iconic images, you’ll be treated to DJ sets from Orb and Tommy Guerrero. Don’t miss it!!

Flip Eurodyssey Tour: Part 3

The Flip Eurodyssey Tour continues at the Red Bull site. The third installment finds the crew skating in Berlin. Keep tuned for part four coming soon.

Gnarmads: Westbound And Down

YouTube Preview Image Bogdan and Matt Kruz, aka The Gnarmads, have begun their cross country bike trip from New York City to San Francisco. This video recaps their first stop in Philadelphia for a couple DIY sessions. Follow the guys via Twitter or Instagram along their journey across the United States.

You can contribute to their food, water and/or spare tube fund by clicking here. Safe travels!!