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Epicly Later’d: Geoff Rowley Part 1

For part one of the Geoff Rowley episode, Epicly Later’d takes you to Geoff’s hometown of Liverpool, England, and London and Southbank to meet with some well known names in British skateboarding.

Street League Best of 2013: Dylan Rieder

YouTube Preview Image Street League continues their best of 2013 clips with this recap from Dylan Rieder.

Streets & Boards & Bees & Swords

YouTube Preview Image In conjunction with the release of the DC x Wu-Tang 20 Year Anniversary Collection, which celebrates the anniversary of the groundbreaking album “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers),” DC is proud to present, “STREETS & BOARDS & BEES & SWORDS,” a short film which follows the parallel stories of one album’s effect on the music and skate industries and the simultaneous launch of a brand onto the skate scene that forever changed footwear.

The film is told through interviews with the icons that paved the way, and chronicles the common thread amongst underdogs and visionaries… Musicians, skateboarders and forward thinkers alike must believe in themselves and break the rules in order to change the world.

Wolfbat Antihero Show

Dennis McNettTomorrow Saturday Nov. 16th Dennis McNett and Antihero are teaming up on an Anti-Art show at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles. The Antihero team will be at Supreme from 5-7pm with 5 Limited McNett boards in a limited run of 20. Then, next door at Known Gallery from 8-11pm McNett has the opening for his new show, “Temple of Wolfbat”. Ge there!

Element’s Made to Endure Collection – Chad Tim Tim

YouTube Preview Image Element & Chad Tim Tim proudly introduce the new Made to Endure denim & chino collection, commercial & fit guide.

etnies and Ryan Sheckler Celebrate 15 Years of Progression

etnies threw a party for Ryan Sheckler, at the Sheckler Foundation’s training facility to celebrate their partnership that has spanned 15 years. When Ryan was seven years old, he was already an innovative skateboarder, inspiring guys twice his age and accomplishing tricks some people only dream of. etnies took notice, welcomed him to the team and hasn’t looked back.

“I’m stoked to be a part of etnies for 15 years. Loyalty is a word that gets thrown around so often, but when you step back and look at the big picture, you see that not many stay true to it. I glad that we have,” said Ryan Sheckler.

In true skate fashion, etnies team riders and many others kicked the party off with a session in the skatepark. The event’s more than 250 attendees included Ryan’s family, friends, media, and etnies reps from all over the world.