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BS with TG : Max Schaaf Episode 3 Part 1

YouTube Preview ImageMax Schaaf sits down with Real Skateboards’ founders Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud to talk about getting sponsored, his first tour, his name misspelling, peeing in the van, balding, Gonz’s motorcycle ollie, getting kissed by Salman and much more.

Part 2 and Part 3 go live tomorrow and Friday this week.

Bobby De Keyzer Knows

YouTube Preview ImageBobby De Keyzer Knows. Check out more from Thunder Trucks – The Leader in Control.

Independent Trucks: Blow’n Up The Spot! – Lopez, Silva, and Russell at Alondra

YouTube Preview ImageYou never know how a quick park session will go when Louie Lo, Mason Silva, and Chris Russell are in the mix. Get the legs greased, and roll through Alondra Park with these rippers.

Street League’s Trick of The Year

YouTube Preview ImageStreet League is in the final weeks of harnessing the power of technology to find the Trick of the Year for 2015. It can be anybody’s trick, by anyone, Pro or Joe. All you need is an Instagram account and you can compete against Nyjah, Luan, and the rest of the SLS Pros. You’ve still got time to get into the mix!

Yoshi Tanenbaum for MOB Grip

YouTube Preview Image2015’s Damn Am of the Year, Yoshi Tanenbaum gets down with some MOB grip action.

Donuthill’s The 4th Annual Reggie Destin Memorial Time Trials & Carve Contest

YouTube Preview ImageDuring the Thanksgiving holiday break the crew at Donuthill complex threw down their 4th Annual Reggie Destin Memorial Time Trials & Carve Contest. The commemorative event was generously supported by many skate companies in our industry and it yielded some great times. Have a look!

Final Results
Overall Combined Times
1. Travis Baigent 38.51 seconds
2. Logan Young 40.57 seconds
3. Sean Hanley 40.69 seconds

Fastest on Course
Course 1 – Travis Baigent 38.51
Course 2 – Travis Baigent 9.25
Course 3.1 (*on a Krooked Lightning Bolt custom) – Lee Osterholt 11.15 seconds
Course 3.2 (*on a Schmitt Stix Lucero Street Thing) – Pat Murphy 9.57 seconds

Longest Carve
1. James Brown (Goofy, backside) 25’1/2″
2. Jeff Chase (Goofy, frontside) 24′ 11″
3. Jay Jenson (Regular, backside) 23′ 1/2″