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5&5 with David Gravette

YouTube Preview ImageIn this 5&5 brought to you by Creature Skateboards they delve deep in the psyche of David Gravette. With the help of Hamish “The Illusion” Patterson they dig deep into all the dark corners in Baby Lamb’s mind and get a great tip for keeping your shower grout looking great.

Ty Evans on Woodward Digital Media Camp

YouTube Preview ImageWhen it comes to Skateboard filmmaking, Ty Evans is amongst the top of the list. Luckily for Woodward Digital Media Campers, Ty has visited their zone a number of times over the past years sharing his knowledge, working experience, and inspirations with the aspiring filmmakers of the future. Josh Zucker put together this amazing edit showing exactly that. Enjoy.

Nike SB Shelter Berlin – Grand Opening

YouTube Preview ImageIn order to celebrate the grand opening of the new Nike SB Shelter Berlin, a bunch of heavy hitters from SB’s international squad as well as notable German names will put the new park to the test tonight.

Down the line you can expect to see regular edits and spotlights filmed exclusively within this indoor skate facilitu, yet it’s still open for anyone to skate.
So, with this thing in place, Berlin is prepared for anything – be it winter, Street League, etc.

Real Skateboards: Thiebaud Hanging Klansman 2nd Pressing for JKC

YouTube Preview ImageThe response to Real Skateboards’ first reissue of Jim Thiebaud’s original Hanging Klansman board was huge. The lot of original 250 sold out in a few hours. Knowing that they blew it, their crew have decided to make a second pressing of 300 more with three new colored veneers for those that may have missed out on the first round.

A portion of the proceeds from these second pressing limited edition Hanging Klansman decks will go to Johnny Kicks Cancer, the go to foundation dedicated to helping kids with Leukemia. Get one or more for a great cause!

The Goons could not be contained any longer! They’ve broken out of the asylum and invaded the streets! Hide your kids and hide your wife, cause there’s no telling what these cats are capable of. The world will soon find out when “Gold Goons”, the new full length video from Gold Wheels, drops in 2014.

Gold Goons features the many skateboarding skills of: Boo Johnson, Ryan Gallant, Josh Kalis, Shmatty Chaffin, Kellen James, Terry Kennedy, Brandon Biebel, Kelly Hart, Chris Troy, Derrick Wilson, JB Gillet, Wade Desarmo, Spencer Hamilton, Keelan Dadd,Taylor McClung, Rodrigo TX, Stevie Williams, Jack Curtin, Matt Miller, Marquise Henry, PLG, Chris Brunner, Eli Reed, Pierce Brunner, Travis Glover, Dwayne Fagundes, Lenny Rivas,Kenny Hoyle, Rodrigo Petersen, Dane Vaughn, Jabari Pendleton, Will Fyock, Mikey Haywood, Marcus McBride, Diego Najera, Jeremy Murray, Carlos Iqui, Diego Garcez, Aramis Hudson, Rykeis Tyson, Furby Salcedo, Darrell Stanton, and more.

Vans to Release the Crockett Pro Shoe

Vans has proudly announced that they will be releasing the all-new Vans Crockett Pro this spring.

From the press release: The introductory signature model from Richmond, Virginia’s Gilbert Crockett is a union of craft and science featuring Vans’ revolutionary WaffleCup bottom unit construction and fully-fused DuraCap upper reinforcement technologies. An amalgamation of materials and workmanship with simple yet practical design, the Vans Crockett Pro affords skateboarders the ultimate synthesis of durability and support with grip and responsiveness in levels currently unmatched by any other maker.