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Frank Gerwer’s Show and Tell

YouTube Preview ImageDo you enjoy good, humorous, and informative interviews? So do we. So sit back and take in the next twenty minutes with Frank Gerwer. He begins with a show and tell with his board graphics over the years and moves on to reminisce about using copers while street skating, fanning out, favorite videos and parts, the day he kickflipped Wallenberg’s big four. Delivered to you by

OPEL 2nd Annual Air + Style Results

Last weekend’s 2nd Annual Air+Style skateboarding events took place once again at Innsbruck’s WUB skatepark. Check out this edit where many skilled skaters showed up from across Europe and North America to tear into the street course and bowl competitions and earn straight up cash!

Final Results
1. Alex Hallford (UK)
2. Robin Bolian (France)
3. Mason Merlino (USA)
4. Kalle Berglind (Sweden)
5. Martino Cattaneo (Switzerland)
6. Tyler Edtmayer (Germany)
7. Simon Karlsson (Sweden)
8. Julien Benoliel (France)
9. Willis Kimbel (USA)
10. Bjørn Lillesøe (Denmark) – (was in hospital with his buddy Dannie Carlsen & missed the finals)

Best Trick – Bowl
Bjørn Lillesøe – Alley-oop bs bonless on the extension
Alex Hallford – Kickflip wallride fakie ollie back in on the extension
Simon Karlsson – Blunt nosgrab fakie on the extension
Jordan Thackeray – Boardslide to bs lipslide
Santino Exenberger – Nollie bs heelflip disaster revert

Overall Ripper Zone 1 – Robin Bolian
Overall Ripper Zone 2 – Norbert Weitenbacher & Daniel Ledermann
Overall Ripper Zone 3 – Daniel Ledermann

Independent Trucks 2016 Spring/Summer Catalog Released

Indy SS 2016Independent Truck Co. has just released their 2016 Spring/Summer catalog of trucks and goods. Check out the line right here, right now.

Biebel Joins Venture Trucks

YouTube Preview Image Venture Trucks just dropped Brandon Biebel’s official welcome clip along with his own signature truck. Have a look!

Deluxe Distribution Rolls Out Ticket Relief Fund

The Ticket Relief FundHave you received a ticket for skateboarding lately? Well, Deluxe Distribution has just launched their Ticket Relief Fund with Real, Antihero, Krooked, Spitfire, Thunder and Venture with local shops as an effort to help pay skateboarders back for any ticket they received for skateboarding within the last 12 months from 2/8/15 – 2/8/16.

The first 160 shops that joined us to be a part of the Ticket Relief Fund will receive 2 ticket relief packets with $25 cash each.

Sent out in weekly deliveries of 40 shops per week. Week 1 delivery is in shops now. A full list of Participating Shops is right here.

Reintroducing: The Lakai Staple

YouTube Preview Image The Lakai Staple was originally released in 2001, and was an immediate team favorite. The Staple has been updated to today’s standards, and given colorways inspired by three of Lakai’s riders who made the originals look so good: Rick Howard, Marc Johnson, and Mike Carroll. Find out more about the latest version of the Staple by clicking here.