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My Friend, Van Wastell: Part 2

YouTube Preview Image Catch Part 2 of “My Friend, Van Wastell”, a tribute to the life of Van by his longtime friend and filmer Joe Krolick. If you missed Part One, you can view it by clicking here.

Madchester Mondays: Episode 5

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Joe Gavin continues his “Madchester Monday” series with a fifth episode featuring Tony Da Silva, Dom Henry, John Bell, Nick Stansfield and many more over at Sidewalk Magazine.

Exploration Of The Soul: Craig R. Stecyk III

Desillusion Magazine’s editor in chief, Sebastien Zanella, presents a trip through Los Angeles and the skate roots embodied by Craig Stecyk in an atmospheric, black and white documentary in “Exploration Of The Soul”.

Deep Dish 2

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After releasing a couple parts from “Deep Dish 2”, Jon Schmoldt and Mark Dunning’s entire Chicago video is now available online where you can catch the skating of Matt Nordness, Tyler Warren, Brett Weinstein, Steffen Watts and more.

Raccoon Alley

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Toronto skate shop Blue Tile Lounge has released a new clip which features BTL team riders Nolan Waller, Pat O’rourke, Morgan Smith, Joe Yates, Nugget Moore and Bobby DeKeyzer.

6th Annual Spot Skate Cruise Is This Friday

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If You’re in the Tampa area later this week, try to link up with the SPoT crew for their “SPoT Skate Cruise.” The event starts at The Bricks in Ybor with a PBR kick off and then the party makes its way around Tampa, hitting a few favorite spots, getting some food and seeing who can make it the whole night. Here’s a quick edit they did from 2014’s insanity. Full details for 2015 are right here.