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30th Anniversary Screaming Hand Art Show Tour Dates

YouTube Preview ImageEarlier this month, NHS kicked of its 2015 world tour of An Art Show Celebrating Thirty Years of The Screaming Hand with the Santa Cruz team in Los Angeles. Following a great skate session at Arto Sarri’s backyard bowl, the Seventh Letter Store and Gallery hosted the event where skateboarding-centric friends, fans and luminaries gathered to view many Screaming Hand inspired art pieces and to share in the good times with artist Jim Phillips and family in attendance.

Visit the official Screaming Hand site for an audio tour, history of the hand, world tour dates and more!

Taylor Bingaman – Bones Rough Riders

YouTube Preview ImageThere’s a newer wheel formula from Bones Wheels that will literally get you rolling upon rougher terrain without much hassle. A hammered ditch, a weathered schoolyard, a backyard pool with chipped plaster, a hardpacked dirt trail and more are all skateable canvases with their Rough Riders. Check out the specs on these prime All-Terrain Formula wheels right here.

Street Canoe with Deluxe’s Damon Thorley – The Build Project

YouTube Preview ImageJay over at Street Canoe cornered Deluxe’s Damon Thorley for an insightful interview about their newest endeavor – The Build Project. Have a good read all about it through one of the guys directly involved right here!

Cody Lockwood Wins Ultrabowl 7

Cody LockwoodFor this year’s Ultrabowl 7 event in Malmö, Sweden, John Magnusson and the Bryggeriet crew moved the event to the nearby Sibbarp skatepark to mix it up. After all, it was the seventh year running of this bowl competition and change is certainly good to keep things from becoming repetitive.

Through a weekend of great skating, threats of rain, and plenty of good times and cheer, Ultrabowl 7 thrilled all in attendance with Cody Lockwood nailing down the big win. High fives to all of those that competed and attended.

Final Results
1. Cody Lockwood
2. Brad McClain
3. Björn Lillesøe
4. Ty Hjortland
5. Kevin Kowalski
6. Kalle Berglind
7. Danny Leon
8. Mason Merlino

Get Set Go! Girls
1. Emma Lindgren
2. Mimmi Leckius
3. Tonje Pedersen
4. Eugenia Ginepro
5. Cloè Bernard

1. Herman Moller
2. Felix Køppe
3. Gabriel Viking
4. Jonas Carlsson
5. Axel Källmén

Who Let Him In The Building Episode 02 Featuring Reda

YouTube Preview Image He’s back in the building and this time Reda gives Luis Cruz a piece of him mind regarding the “state of mongo” and some super graphics coming out of the Almost brand.

17th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Jam Results

Tim Brauch Bowl 2015Over the weekend the 17th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl event brought together many young and rising ams, and veteran pros alike all in the name of fun and great skateboarding. Many of the amateurs made an impressive showing and gave rise to a new groundswell of talent with Josh Rodriguez and Steve Caballero taking the top spots in the Pro and Masters divisions respectively. Drop by the World Cup Skateboarding site for complete results and a recap of the action soon.

Final Results
1. Joshua Rodriguez – $1500
2. Nick Wallace – $750
3. Daniel Cuervo – $500
4. Zion O’Friel – $300
5. Willy Lara – $200

1. Steve Caballero – $1,500
2. Lester Kasai – $750
3. Mitchell Mendez – $500
4. Jed Fuller – $300
5. Pat Black – $200

Pro Women
1. Julz Lyn – $1,000
2. Arianna Carmona – $650
3. Autumn Tust – $400
4. Pauline Branom – $300
5. Katherine Folsom – $200

15 & Over
1. Griffin Chase
2. Lois “Bobo” Kuamo’o
3. Jeromy Green

14 & Under
1. Kiko Francisco
2. Tate Carew
3. Jack Winburn

15 & Over Girls
1. Poppy Starr Olsen
2. Jordyn Barratt
3. Kayla Caballero

14 & Under Girls
1. Brighton Zeuner
2. Spencer Breaux
3. Bryce Wettstein

Tim Brauch Spirit Award
Matt Boyster