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Live Heavy Travel Light: The Maiden Voyage

YouTube Preview ImageLiving heavy and traveling light, Nuge, Sammy Baca, Dee Ostrander, and Nathan Jackson experience road life in the southwest without frills on Volume 4’s Maiden Voyage.

Ryan Sheckler Returns to Volcom

YouTube Preview ImageEager to hit the streets with the Volcom team and start logging clips, Ryan Sheckler has reunited with The Stone crew and lands in the eye of the storm as Volcom works 24/7 to finalize its newest feature film ‘True to This’.

20 Plus: Photography By Jody Morris

Our friend Jody Morris has released his new book out of amazing photographs, most of which are classic skate shots with the likes of Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Rick McCrank, Paul Rodriguez, Tony Hawk, Christian Hosoi, Ryan Sheckler, Danny Way and more. Have a look at some of the sample pages and pick up your copy of 20 Plus right here.

Jon Sciano on Lakai

YouTube Preview ImageLakai has introduced and welcomed Jon Sciano to its team along with the released of their new Fura shoe.

Adventures With Chris – Euro Tour Special Part 2

YouTube Preview ImageBack in September the Vans team went on a demo tour around Europe with Chris Nieratko’s dad-cam in tow. In this second of 2 parts of the AWC Euro Tour Special, Chris captures the important moments and components of the tour bus with Tony Trujillo, Chris Pfanner, Dustin Dollin, Chima Ferguson, Gilbert Crockett, Daniel Lutheran, Johnny Layton, Kris Vile, Rowan Zorilla, Nassim Guammaz and Sam Partaix in Amsterdam and Germany.

Nixon Europe’s Happy F*kng Trip: Sicily

Following the success of the first edition of the “Happy F*kng Trip” last year, Nixon Europe is proud to present another sweet journey with its skateboarding team. This time six of Nixon’s European riders took off to hit the beautiful Italian island of Sicily.

Follow Alain Goikoetxea, JB Gillet, Alex Mizurov, Antony Lopez, Javier Sarmiento and the German rookie Denny Pham as they hit up a variety of unexplored street spots along with friendly locals, indifferent policemen and a new realm of possibilities.