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Beyond the Elementality

Desillusion editor in chief Sebastien Zanella, met Johnny Shillereff at Element’s new office, ‘The Branch’ in Costa Mesa, to discover more about the man & his unique vision on skateboarding, industry & life. This short film is based on the article “Beyond The Elementality” published in Desillusion Magazine 48.

Ty Peterson’s “Summer Solstice” Part

YouTube Preview Image Canadian REAL rider Ty Peterson brings his stylish approach and solid trick selection to the streets in this part for Thrasher filmed over the summer.

Final Days of Cow Palace

YouTube Preview Image Another DIY spot bites the dust. Lowcard has posted this clip which consists mostly of footage from the last few days before the destruction of Cow Palace filmed by Tadashi, Brendan Bill, Trevor Morgan, and Seth Ramirez.

My First Cruiser Part

YouTube Preview ImageLe Petit Jc is a personal project and a movie in progress about life, art and cruising. So far, it’s taken Jean-Charles Vigna two years to travel from New-York to Buenos Aires by himself. He choose to ride a cruiser, as it’s easy to travel with. This is his first cruiser part and he gives thanks to skateboarding. Skateboarding is a journey on many levels.

Eurollin With The Lakai Team

The Lakai team travelled across the pond to get a taste of the UK’s terrain and Red Bull Skateboarding was there to document the journey.

Daniel Espinoza, Jon Sciano, Sebo Walker, Vincent Alvarez, James Capps, Riley Hawk and Stevie Perez linked up with their European cohorts Danny Brady, Nick Jensen and Sylvan Tognelli in England to kick off the “Picture Me Eurollin” tour.

Gnars Bars: Tom Bailey and Luke McManus for Krooked

PixelsTV brings you this clip of UK Krooked riders Tom Bailey and Luke McManus sharing the spotlight in “Gnars Bars” and it’s chock full of street, DIY and concrete carnage. Wu-Tang Tom and Crazy Frog bring the Krooked vibe through your screen and into your eyeholes.