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Guest Talk: Evan Hecox

Chocolate’s Art Director Evan Hecox talks with Japan’s VHS Mag about some of the history the Chocolate logo and board graphics from the past 20 years.

Stu Kirst:“Strangers” Part

YouTube Preview Image LurkNYC has posted Stu Kirst’s part from their recently released full-length video “Strangers”.

Nick Cave X Fast Times

YouTube Preview Image Nick Cave has been a huge inspiration to everyone at Fast Times and continues to influence them with his music and creativity.

“He has been a regular visitor to our city store over the past couple of years, always generous with his time and support. He is a true legend of Australian music and the we are proud to have worked with him to create this limited edition collection.” -Fast Times

Habitat Mélange Series Available Now

Habitat’s Mélange Series is now available with models from the usual suspects.

Element: New Year, New Ams

YouTube Preview Image 2014 was one hell of a year for Element: Madars Apse turned pro, Greyson Fletcher conquered massive transitions far and wide, Chad Tim Tim released yet another mind boggling part in Dekline’s “True Blue”, and the boys completely destroyed Thrasher’s “King of the Road.”

2015 is here, and and Element is pleased to welcome three new Ams to the family: Chris Colbourn, Ethan Loy, and Dominick Walker.

Chris McHugh Skates Los Angeles A to B

YouTube Preview Image “A to B” is a RIDE Channel exclusive series which documents a skateboarder’s journey from A to B. This time around we get to follow Chris McHugh as he rolls through downtown Los Angeles.