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Weiger On Skate Mental

YouTube Preview ImageWieger Van Wageningen is the latest addition to the Skate Mental pro team and is slated to drop a new part in June, keep an eye out!

Anti Hero Spring ’17 Drop 2

Going once…going twice….psych! The Spring Drop 2 Catalog from Antihero is online and up for auction. Check out Grosso’s Pool Party board, Cardiel’s Caballitos, ltd color of BA’s 1st, ‘State of Mind Pro’ series, and updated colors from artist John Herndon’s ‘A Doper Grape’ series.

Click the photo above to see Spring ’17 Drop 2 from Anti Hero.

GX1000: Adrenaline Junky

YouTube Preview ImageSweet lord. Every time GX1000 puts something out, it features some of the gnarliest tricks to hill bomb ever recorded, and this new clip from Ryan Garshell is no exception. Enjoy…

Girl Skateboards Welcomes Andrew Brophy

YouTube Preview ImageGirl Skateboards welcomes Andrew Brophy to the family with this clip in which Andrew skates spots all over LA while utilizing that signature Brophy pop. Nice one, Brophy!

Introducing Kingston Union Mfg.

Kingston Union Mfg. offers quality clothing and footwear at an affordable price, learn more here on their site to check out their stylish gear and who’s behind it. With dudes like Matt Hensley, Mario Rubalcaba, and Emanual Guzman backing it, you know that Kingston must be doing it right.

Talkin’ Pro Models With Gilbert Crockett

YouTube Preview ImageRipped Laces sits down with Gilbert to talk about the design process of his new Crockett 2 shoe and its influences as well as some memorable skate shoe models of yesteryear.