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Sheckler Sessions – Bobby’s World – Ep 6

YouTube Preview Image For this episode of ‘Sheckler Sessions’, Ryan Sheckler, Zered Bassett, and Bobby Worrest head to Bobby’s hometown of Washington DC to skate the streets and hit Bobby’s favorite spot on earth, Pulaski Park. After making a pit stop at Pitcrew Skateshop, they go on a hike and manage to find a treacherous rope swing and a river. Tune in to Sheckler Sessions every other Thursday!

Blind Damn Tour Europe 2013

YouTube Preview Image Blind Skateboards brings you some exclusive footage of their European tour.

Halloween Hellride 2013

YouTube Preview Image
Watch seven minutes of “Helloween on Wheels” at the Diamond Mine brought to you by Thrasher Magazine and Diamond Supply. Congrats to Brad McClain for snatching up the win and $10K in cold cash!

Keep Skateistan Rolling

Skateistan uses skateboarding as a tool for empowering youth and to create new opportunities and the potential for change in Afghanistan and Cambodia.

A portion of the proceeds from the Skateistan X Spitfire wheel will go to help keep Skateistan rolling. For more info and ways to help visit

Sammy Winter is Pro

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Winter has arrived. That is, Sammy is now pro with a new signature shred sled on Cliché and this awesome short film highlighting his skills.

King Shit Mag’s Connect the Dots 2013

The grand prize winner of King Shit Mag’s Connect The Dots goes to the short film BAD KIDS, BAD TRICKS by Nick Genova featuring Paul Liliani, Chris Wardle, and Willy Lavigne with photos by James Morley. Drop by the Connect the Dots 2013 page to see the other runners up videos as well.