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Long Live Southbank: The Bigger Picture

YouTube Preview Image Henry Edwards-Wood has released a new film making the case for preserving one of London’s most unique cultural spots. To find out more on the efforts, head over to the Long Live Southbank site.

Chocolate Skateboards Welcomes…

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Chocolate Skateboards welcomes… Watch the video to find out!

Vans Classics Tales Season 2 Online Now

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Vans Classic Tales is back! Watch the first five episodes of Season 2 streaming on right now.

Westgate G6 Shoe Release

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Emerica releases Brandon Westgate’s new pro shoe, the Wastgate G6 today 11/12/13. Look for these fine signature kicks your local skateshop.

4th Annual Board Rescue Auction Online

Board Rescue Auction We wanted to remind you that many pieces of original artwork from Board Rescue’s 4th Annual Art show And Fundraiser has been posted to eBay under eBay seller ID: BoardRescue. All proceeds go directly to fund at-risk youth skateboarding programs. Have a look and make a few bids towards a gift or yourself or friend…all for a great cause.

Featured artists contributing to Board Rescue 2013 include: Jimbo Phillips, Colby Phillips, Duane Peters, Jason Adams, Steve Olson, Steve Caballero, Justin Forbes, Jason Jessee, Steve Alba, Lucas Musgrave, Keith Meek, Bryce Kanights, Cindy Whitehead, David Hackett, Danny Sun, Kori Thompson, Christian Cooper, Eli Roe, Erik Fieber, Chris Sprouls, Lizzie Armanto, Richard Sanchez, Laura Thornhill-Caswell, Desiree Ronald Astorga, Joey Vela, Adrian Pina, Stan Strocher, Jeremy Micheal Elder, Gary Holl, Candace Wright, Jonny Miller, Judi Oyama, Angela Stucky, Katie Steidl, Ben Dodd, and more..

Kryptonics Episode #3 Dave Hackett

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Weeks ago it was mentioned that the iconic 70s skateboard wheel and equipment brand Kryptonics had resurfaced within the industry to bring back their original formulas and stoke of innocence. Since then, they have provided selects set of wheels to VIPs and released a couple of episodes online touting their importance and more. Listen in as skate veteran Dave Hackett talks about reconnecting with his youth, skateboarding skill and technology, and wanting to hear your stories of Krytonics…straight from your mouth. Kryptonics are set to hit skate shop shelves this month.