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Saving Vancouver’s SBC Restaurant

SBC RestaurantOn behalf of our friends and skateboarders in Vancouver, BC we want to share this bit of news along with an online petition to help out the city’s SBC Restaurant. This unique skate zone hosts a 60-foot wide mini ramp inside of its space along with healthy food, art shows and more. Have a look at the petition and take a few minutes out of your day to perhaps help save another creative skateboarding outlet from shutting its doors for good.

Trevor Colden Knows

YouTube Preview ImageWith his new pro part soon to debut, Trevor Colden comes through with an effortless front feeble in this newest Thunder clip. Check out the newest release of goods from Thunder Trucks right about now.

Skate Zines Rule!

skatezineLooking for a current directory of current skate zines around the planet? Well, be sure to visit where they’ve assembled and detailed a growing list for your enjoyment. The archive is sorted by date, state and recent posts for easy browsing. You will gain no likers or followers, but you will leave this site with a new appreciation for creativity and some great links. Get out there and make your own!

Atlas x Thunder Truck Video

YouTube Preview ImageFor the release of the newest limited Atlas X Thunder Truck, the Atlas crew put together a new video featuring Julian Kein, Joey Guevara, Mark Suciu, Brandon Nguyen and Shaun Baptista. Check it out.

Antihero’s New Spring Models

YouTube Preview ImageThe newest release of goods from Antihero has arrived. Have a look and skate away with Parasites of the New World, Grosso’s Shady Hills Skateboarding Recovery Center, Pfanner’s Savage Iron Pfists, Miorana’s new shovel, Grant Taylor’s God Hates Antihero and the newest in Gentrification & Eviction Technologies.

Spitfire: Slash’s ‘It’s The Pits’ Wheel

YouTube Preview ImageFor Slash’s newest Pro Spitfire F1 wheel he wanted to give back to help It’s the Pits, an organization that helps find homes for rescue pit bulls in need. We support the dog lovers of the world 100%!