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AWC: Daniel Lutheran Talks Brain Wash Part

YouTube Preview Image The most recent ‘Adventures With Chris’ finds Daniel Lutheran discussing his break part in Toy Machine’s Brain Wash video and how he snaked the opener part from J-Lay.

TORRO! NYC x Homage Brooklyn

YouTube Preview Image In this latest clip from TORRO! NYC, Rodney Torres, Alejandro Batista, Joseph Gil, Dennis Miron and Leo Heinert take shelter from the long cold winter and make proper use of the indoor facility at Homage in Brooklyn.

Peter Ramondetta Burns Fourever

YouTube Preview Image Peter Ramondetta comes through with a huge backside heel flip and some lines from Florida for the newest Spitfire Wheels Burn Fourever video.

Win a set of the new colored Formula Formula Fours…Show Spitfire how you BURN FOUREVER. Post a video or photo on Instagram and tag #BURNFOUREVER. Anything goes. 5 winners will be picked to win a set of the new Atomic Orange or Blue Ice Formula Four Wheels.

‘Outliers’ Official Trailer

Transwold Skateboarding presents the trailer for their 26th video, ‘Outliers’, filmed by Chris Thiessen, which features Riley Hawk, Lee Yankou, Neen Williams, Zered Bassett, Marius Syvanen and Brad Cromer. Look for it soon. #TWSOUTLIERS

Neffarious in the Northwest

YouTube Preview Image The Neff Skateboarding Team got together for their first ever road trip to film “Neffarious in the Northwest.” This edit with Thrasher Magazine features Neff Skateboarding Team riders Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Dakota Servold, Matt Bennett, Leo Romero, Nick Merlino, Silas Baxter-Neal, and Derrick Wilson.

Tom Asta For Ricta

YouTube Preview Image East Coast powerhouse and proponent of beanies, Tom Asta, gets busy in the raw streets in this video welcoming him on Ricta Wheel Dynamics.