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Site Of The Week: Concrete Jungle Foundation

This week’s featured site, Concrete Jungle Foundation, is a non-profit based in Trujillo, Peru whose main mission is to provide a high-quality skate park facility for the youth that becomes a means of improving self-esteem, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle and that builds positive relationships and a sense of community, all through the activity of skateboarding.

They are accepting donations to contribute towards the construction of their skatepark facility now on their site, donate a few bucks if ya got ’em!

The Nine Club: Episode 33 – Nora Vasconcellos

YouTube Preview ImageThe Nine Club fires up the work week with an all new episode featuring Nora Vasconcellos. Over adult beverages she discusses growing up in Massachusetts, her introduction to skateboarding, heading out west, making the move from Hoopla to Welcome Skateboards, getting on adidas, and much more.

Copenhagen Open Movie


A 5 day party with skateboards. Copenhagen Open is truly one of a kind. Thrasher Magazine put together a film featuring almost 30 minutes of Nordic gnar from last year’s CPH Open for your viewing pleasure. Check it out.

Vanessa Torres’ “Quit Your Day Job” Part

Vanessa Torres has been killing it for quite some time now, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen a full part from her. Well, the moment has finally come, and you can watch Vanessa’s ripping “Quit Your Day Job” part for 48 hours only on Transworld’s site; watch it here while you still can!


Dane Brady Pro For Polar Skateboards

Portland’s own curb crusher Dane Brady goes down as the 2nd ‘Merican to get his name on a board for the Swedish board brand, following Aaron Herrington a little while back. Congrats, Dane!

Watch his part from Polar’s 2016 video “I Like It Here Inside My Mind, Don’t Wake Me This Time” to see why Pontus gave Dane the green light.

Samarria Brevard’s “Quit Your Day Job” Part

The ladies are on a tear this week! Samarria Brevard’s “Quit Your Day Job” part is up on the TWS site for 48 hours, check it out here now. You also have the option to watch the whole video on Vimeo On Demand. Better yet, show some love and buy a copy here