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Chrome Ball Incident #104: Ray Barbee

Chops sits down with Ray Barbee to talk step hops, Stacy Peralta and Bones Brigade videos, The Firm, faith, and everything in between in the latest Chrome Ball Incident interview. Read it here.

Vans Park Series Hits Huntington Beach

YouTube Preview ImageThe Vans Park Series hits Huntington Beach this week for the fifth stop of the 2017 Vans Park Series Men’s Pro Tour and the first stop of the VPS Women’s Pro Tour. With a custom designed park built to VPS specs you can expect the world best men and women bowlriders to burn the thing to the ground!

With the likes of Chris Russell, Alex Sorgente, Ben Hatchell, Ivan Federico, Karl Berglind, Kevin Kowalski, Tristan Rennie, Brighton Zeuner, Ishod Wair, Cory Juneau, Nicole Hause, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Grant Taylor, Lizzie Armanto, Tom Schaar, Nora Vasconcellos and many more in the mix, expect a high energy battle towards the VPS World Championships. Download the VPS iPhone app or log into the live stream at on Saturday, August 5th to witness the action!

Current VPS Pro Tour Challenger Rankings
(Top 5 after Huntington Beach advance to the World Championships – Shanghai, China on September 23rd.)
1. Tom Schaar – 30,000
2. Karl Berglind – 22,800
3. Murilo Peres – 19,400
4. Willy Lara – 18,800
5. Tristan Rennie – 16,900
6. Robin Bolian – 15,600
7. Roman Pabich – 15,600
8. Trey Wood – 12,7000
9. Vinicius Kakinho – 12,5000
10. CJ Collin – 12,1000

Dangerous Freedom: Antwuan Dixon

YouTube Preview ImageAsk anyone about Antwuan Dixon, and the first thing out of their mouth will usually be something about his unmatched style. Yet Antwuan’s allure goes far beyond his innate and completely unique way of skating. Since his entrance into the skate world he’s always been at the center of attention, even when he’s not on a skateboard, but over the last couple years he’s dodged the spotlight as he’s dealt with countless personal struggles. Antwuan opens up about the struggles he’s faced, chasing sobriety, and his will to rise back up, follwed by some new footage that we’ve been waiting for for a while now. Hopefully we’ll see more soon.

Walker Ryan For SOVRN

YouTube Preview ImageAfter a longer than expected stint without a board sponsor after departing from Organika a while back, Walker Ryan has found himself a home on Mikey Taylor’s SOVRN Skateboards and dropped this ripping part to celebrate. Check it out.

How Eric Dressen Met Jason Jessee

YouTube Preview ImageIn honor of Sant Cruz Skateboards’ new Jessee X Dressen capsule, Eric recalls his first encounter with the man, the myth, the legend, Jason Jessee. Check it out.

Yuri Facchini Pro AF – Almost Skateboards

YouTube Preview ImageDip into a behind the scenes look at Yuri Facchini’s Pro surprise during his first look at his Almost ad in Thrasher and his recent trip to Los Angeles to film with the Almost team. Filmed & Edited by Colin Kennedy @colinmkennedy