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CONS Rust Belt Boon Gallery

The CONS crew recently took a trip to test their luck on the desolate landscape that was once America’s industrial heartland and found gold amongst the rust that was spread throughout it.

The Skateboard Mag has posted a gallery of photos from their trip and in case you missed Rust Belt Boon yesterday, you can watch it here.

Blind Damn Sundays

YouTube Preview Image Cody McEntire, Morgan Smith & TJ Rogers are featured in this week’s edition of Blind Damn Sundays.

LurkNYC: “strangers”

YouTube Preview Image LurkNYC has posted their new video, “strangers”, to their YouTube page in its entirety.

Jeremy Leabres: Toy Machine Pro Edit

YouTube Preview Image By now you’ve probably heard that news that Toy Machine turned Jeremy Leabres pro. This new edit is short and to the point. Congrats, Jeremy.

TNT SG Available Today

YouTube Preview Image
Tony Trujillo’s new shoe, The TNT SG, is out now. Check out these two videos to see Tony putting them through some rigorous tests both on and off the board.
YouTube Preview Image

“The State of Skate”: Skateistan in Afghanistan

YouTube Preview Image Skateboarding in Afghanistan – The idea sounds crazy, doesn’t it? There are now over 750 skateboarders in Afghanistan – and nearly half of them are girls. How did this even happen? In a place where the female literacy rate is only 13%, where girls’ access to education, let alone sports, is barely existent… The Skateistan girls are doing it all. Watch this video and learn the incredible story of skateboarding in Afghanistan.