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Vert Attack X Turns Up the Heat

YouTube Preview ImageVert Attack X certainly confirmed that vert skateboarding is alive a well amongst all generations and both genders of skaters worldwide. Those gathered elbow to elbow at the Bryggeriet Skatepark in Malmö, Sweden definitely felt the energy in the room on Saturday. And of course many others online were afforded to witness the sickness live and loud as well. Check out the archived live webcast above. The high energy skating of each division’s Final power punched the crowd and scorched their vocal cords in screaming approval. It was one for the history books for sure!

Congrats to Clay Kreiner, Neal Hendrix, Lizzie Armando and Tate Carew for taking home the top honors in their respective divisions at VAX! A recap video of the event’s insanity is currently in the works so be sure to check back with the crew at frequently.

Final Results
1. Clay Kreiner – USA
2. Jimmy Wilkins – USA
3. Sam Beckett – UK
4. Rune Glifberg – Denmark
5. Chris Russell – USA
6. Jessie Thomas – UK
7. Edgard Pereira – Brazil

1. Neal Hendrix – USA
2. Jocke Olson – Sweden
3. Nicky Guerrero – Denmark
4. John Magnusson – Sweden
5. Mike Frazier – USA
6. Sebastien Daurel – France
7. Mathias Sernklo – Sweden
8. Rich Lopez – USA

1. Lizzie Armando – USA
2. Brighton Zener – USA
3. Nicole Hause – USA
4. Allysha Le – USA
5. Poppy Starr Olsen – Australia
6. Julz Lynn- USA
7. Jordyn Barratt – USA

1. Tate Carew – USA
2. Allessandro Mozzova – Italy
3. Luigi Cini – Brazil
4. Gabriel Machado – Brazil
5. Tyler Edtmayer – Germany
6. CJ Collins – USA
7. Robin Bolian – France

PHXAM 2016 Live Webcast Now!

PHXAM2106PHXAM 2016 is happening right now. Tune into the live webcast as Andrew Cannon and Chris Pastras bring you the play-by-play with the Semi-Finals and Finals this afternoon!

Jose Cuevas: Hot Gravy

YouTube Preview Image Flow Bro, Jose Cuevas, came out with some firing lines in his “Hot Gravy” video part.

The OJ Show: Episode 6

YouTube Preview Image The Season Finale! There’s too much good stuff in here to start dropping names. Just click, and let the OJ squad squeeze out every last drop of stoke.

Vans Skate Team Toronto Demo

YouTube Preview Image As part of the Vans 50th Anniversary celebration, the Skate Team made the trip to Toronto, Canada for a House of Vans event that included a demo with some of the local team.

Check out Daniel Lutheran, Chima Ferguson, Gilbert Crockett, Elijah Berle, and Rowan Zorilla. Filmed and edited by Ryan Lovell. Additional filming by Cody Green

C1RCA: At The Active Park

YouTube Preview Image C1RCA crashes the Active Park! Featuring: Taylor Kirby, Windsor James, Robbie Brockel, & Daniel Cutcliffe!