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First Look: Jamie Thomas

YouTube Preview Image Jamie was on King of the Road with Zero three times and they won it three times. It takes a KOTR legend to comment properly on Thrasher’s February issue.

On Location: Tom Remillard

“Any skatepark you go to, it’s all done at once. This took years and years to form and come together. There are some areas that are perfectly smooth, and then there are some areas that are seriously lumpy. It’s gnarly. There are only good things about this. It keeps The Bridge more stable. It brings hardcore skateboarding to San Diego.” -Tom Remillard on Washington Street skatepark.

Zack Wallin “oververt” Re-edit Winners

YouTube Preview Image Late last year, Transworld put out the call for amateur skate filmers to re-edit Zack Wallin’s part from enjoi‘s “oververt” to win a prize pack from enjoi, DVS, Krux, Pig Wheels, and Matix.

Zack Wallin has picked the top three clips from the pack and the winners are Eric Eckert (above), Justin Behan, and Buenchuy. Congrats to the winners. See some of the honorable mentions by clicking here.

sml. Wheels Park Crashers

YouTube Preview Image The sml. Wheels team crashed the Active park. Aaron Brown filmed and edited this clip that features Anton Myhrvold, Youness Amrani, Ben Fisher, Morgan Smith, James Craig, & Sammy Montano.

Regis Lukata Clocked Out

YouTube Preview Image Primitive Skateboards has a new “Clocked Out” series that showcases the on-board talent from their employees who keep everything moving behind the scenes. Regis Lukata helps keeps the warehouse moving and the boards shipping out when you order them.

Videofolio: Jeremy Hugues

Red Bull Skateboarding has launched a new feature at their site called, Videofolio, which allows filmers a window to showcase their favorite personal footage. To kick things off, they’ve asked the young Frenchman Jeremy Hugues to collect some clips into a montage.