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The OJ Show: Episode 3 Teaser

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Episode 3 of the OJ show goes live this Saturday at the Thrasher site with Greyson, Gregson, Malky, SOTY, and Jessee. Get Juiced!

Levi’s Skateboarding Presents: Spot Delivery Tour (Trailer)

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The Levi’s® Skateboarding crew took to the road again this summer for a two month Spot Delivery Tour– a mission to connect with local skate communities, repair existing skate parks and build new DIY spots throughout Europe.

The team traveled over 3.500km over the 47 day tour visiting Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany, building 6 new parks in Zurich, Postoijna, Zagreb, Vienna, Dresden and Copenhagen culminating in a DIY park for the finals of this year’s CPH Open.

The Build Project: Make Your Own Bucket

For anyone that wants to be a part of #THEBUILDPROJECT but doesn’t have a local shop or didn’t get a fundraising bucket, Deluxe has got you covered. Download the art, print it out, slap it on a bucket, start fundraising, build a spot and skate! This does not ever have to stop.

Stay Flared: Roomies Part 1

YouTube Preview Image Roommate situations are crucial. Shack up with the wrong person and things can go south. Find out which homies are able to live together on the road with this clip from Thrasher Mag.

Spot On: Sami Harithi

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Sami Harithi is one of the select few skateboarders in Germany that have made a lasting impact on an international level. In the 1990s, the young skate prodigy become an international household name.

Most importantly, Sami is still right here, skating those same spots over three decades later. After all those years, his passion for skateboarding burns as hot as ever, even when it comes to burning the midnight oil on night sessions to push his limits for a new video part. With that said, Nike SB is proud to present this part.

Afternoon Interview: Bobby Worrest

What Youth recently went to New York and had breakfast with Bobby Worrest. Between coffee and eggs, they talked to him about being one of the first guys on Krooked, NYC vs. West Coast skateboarding and about growing up in Washington D.C. at Pulaski Park and getting hassled by the cops regularly.