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21st Annual Tampa Pro Webcast

SLS Tampa Pro 2015The 21st Annual Tampa Pro has begun and today’s Industry and VIP contest kicked things off in traditional form.

Be sure to tune into the live webcast exclusively through beginning tomorrow at 11am ET/8am PST to watch the Qualifiers where top US and international professionals, SLS pros, SOTY alumni, rookies, and old vets battle for their chance to advance to Sunday’s Semi-Finals. It will be nothing but tough love for all who put in their time and pay their dues on the Skatepark of Tampa’s newly reconfigured street course. The Independent Trucks Best Trick contest follow immediately following the Quailifers.

Sunday’s Tampa Pro webcast begins at the same time (11am ET/8am PST) with Semi-Finals followed by the much anticipated 12-man Finals.

Again, visit the live webcast this weekend, and you will also find out which two finalists will become the two new SLS Pros heading into the 2015 SLS NikeSB World Tour. In addition, all respective dates and locations are to be announced as well.

Actions REALized: Roll For Rob

Jake Donnelly, Robbie Brockel, Jack Olson, Ellington, Westgate, Shetler and more take part in the first “Roll For Rob” even at Subliminal Skatepark. Help support Rob Pontes through his treatment for ALS by clicking here.

Skate Free: Shane O’Neill

Nike SB catches up with Shane around his home in California for this installment of “Skate Free.”

Magnified: Mike Davis

Mike Davis puts in the work necessary for a photo this rad in the latest “Magnified” for Thrasher Mag.

Lakai: A Session In The GuyMar

Marc Johnson, Mike Carroll, Riley Hawk, Stevie Perez, Vincent Alvarez, Sebo Walker, Daniel Espinoza, Jon Sciano, Danny Brady & James Capps lace up and take the new GuyMar shoes for a test drive at Sheldon.

TWIOGC: Henry Panza

Henry Panza’s video part from One Up Skateshop’s video “The World Is Our Garbage Can.” Video by: Rob Starr and Eric Calfo. All of Henry’s footage was filmed in 2008. Additional Filming by Andrew Klein.