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BONES 59mm Rough Rider teaser – Josh Hawkins

YouTube Preview Image Bones Wheels has a new Rough Rider wheel in the works. Josh Hawkins rolls across a less beaten path to put them to use.

Vans Park Series Global Qualifier Huntington Beach Results

YouTube Preview ImageThe Vans Pro Skate Park Series in Huntington Beach wrapped up its final stop of Global Qualifiers for dozens of hungry competitors. On Friday more than a hundred skaters battled it out for just nine spots available to the semi-finals in in one built-to-spec custom designed park course for the chance to earn their spot to the World Championships in Malmö, Sweden later this month.

Park Series Select Pro Chris Russell nailed down a first place run in Huntington Beach on Saturday to claim his second Vans Park Series Global Qualifier win of the season. But Ben Hatchell surely gave him a run for his money with an assortment of heavy stunts with technical control. Sweden’s Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg took home third place with speed, style and great combined use of the entire park.

Italy’s Ivan Federico didn’t advance into Saturday’s Final, but now sits atop of the Global Challenger rankings where seven additional rippers from around the world will join him and the Vans Park Series Select Pros in Malmö.

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Final Results
1st Chris Russell
2nd Ben Hatchell
3rd Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg
4th Tom Schaar
5th Tristan Rennie
6th Murillo Peres
7th Curren Caples
8th Ronnie Sandoval

Vans Park Series Global Challengers – Advancing to World Championships
1st Ivan Federico
2nd Cory Juneau
3rd Tom Schaar
4th Alex Sorgente
5th Tristan Rennie
6th Robin Bolian
7th Collin Graham
8th Vinicius Kakinho

Vans Park Series Women’s Global Qualifier Results

VPS Hanna ZanziAfter a seven year hiatus from skateboarding, Hanna Zanzi emerged as a powerhouse of surprise at the Vans Park Series Womens Global Qualifier in Huntington Beach yesterday. Nose boned frontside airs, blunts to nose bash fakies, high speed tail slides finger flip disasters over the spine and more were nailed through here four 45-second runs in the finals. It was indeed her day in the sun.

“This means the world to me. I skate every day and I skate my heart out. I skate so I can compete and so I can motivate all the other people out there. I’m back, and I’m so stoked.” –Hanna Zanzi, First Place Winner Vans Park Series Women’s Global Qualifier

The top 10 Women Challengers (below) from yesterday’s HB Global Qualifier will travel to Malmö, Sweden for the International Skateboard Federation-sanctioned inaugural Womens “park terrain” World Championships on August 20th.

Final Results
1st Hanna Zanzi
2nd Lizzie Armanto
3rd Jordyn Barratt
4th Brighton Zeuner
5th Nora Vasconcellos
6th Allysha Le
7th Julz Lynn
8th Bryce Zettstein
9th Yndiara Asp
10th Nicole Hause

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Spitfire Presents 4.5 minutes of Peter Fuckin’ Hewitt

YouTube Preview ImageFor anyone that didn’t have a chance to head into their local skate shop this past weekend to watch Peter Hewitt’s new part, it’s now live and on fire!

Vans Pro Skate Park Series Hits Huntington Beach

Vans Park SeriesThe Vans Pro Skate Park Series continues to hit the sand today in Huntington Beach, CA for the final Global Qualifier competition through this weekend. Many of the planet’s top men and ladies bowlriders will vie for the chance to compete in the first-ever park terrain World Championships, to be held in Malmö, Sweden on August 20th.

Joining forces with the world’s largest premier action sports festival, the Vans US Open of Surfing, Vans Park Series will engage the large audience with the introduction of the Women’s qualifier. From the likes of Lizzie Armanto, Allysha Le, Kisa Nakamura, Poppy Starr Olsen, Alana Smith, Vanessa Torres, Nora Vasconcellos, Brighton Zeuner and others, ten of best female skateboarders, both seasoned and up-and-coming, will proceed to the World Championships in Malmö, Sweden, to compete for the Women’s Park Terrain World Championship title.

“It’s cool that Vans cares about pushing the women’s skate scene, especially now that people are joining in from all around the world,” pro skater Lizzie Armanto explained. “This is a huge opportunity to inspire others to pick up a board, and give women a stable set of contests to participate. I’m really excited to be a part of this.”

The Women’s competition will air as a live webcast this afternoon at 3pm PST.

Vans Park Series Huntington Beach Schedule
Tuesday, July 26 – Women’s Competition (Live Webcast – 3pm PST)
Friday, July 29 – Men’s Qualifiers (Live Webcast – 2pm PST)
Saturday, July 30 – Men’s Finals (Live Webcast – 3pm PST)

Park Series Select Pros
Curren Caples, Jack Fardell, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Ben Hatchell, Greyson Fletcher, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Kevin Kowalski, Collin Provost, Chris Russell, Ronnie Sandoval, Grant Taylor, Raven Tershy (Not competing in Huntington Beach: Rowan Zorilla, Riley Hawk and Pedro Barros)

Challengers have journeyed from Australia, Brazil, the U.S. Europe and Canada, earning valuable points toward their placement in the Vans Park Series Global Rankings. The top five Challengers to emerge from the Mens Park Series Global Qualifier system will challenge the fifteen exclusive Park Series Select Pros in Malmö, Sweden for the inaugural International Skateboard Federation-sanctioned park terrain Vans Park Series World Championships in August.

Vans Park Series Global Challenger Rankings
1st – Ivan Federico – Italy
2nd – Cory Juneau – USA
3rd – Alex Sorgente – USA
4th – Robin Bolian – France
5th – Tom Schaar – USA

Junior Final Results – Huntington Beach
1st – Jack Winburn
2nd – CJ Collins
3rd – Tate Carew
4th – Taylor Nye
5th – Rylan Mancilla

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2016 Dew Tour Long Beach Results

Dew Tour Ryan ShecklerThe 2016 Dew Tour presented by Mountain Dew and TEN:The Enthusiast Network took place in Long Beach, California over the weekend with a new twist to skateboarding competition. On Saturday Ryan Sheckler nailed down the most points on four separate skate sections – Tech, Bowl, Rails and Gaps to claim his 15th Dew Tour win during the individual competition. The action continued on Sunday with many of the best skateboarders competing in an all-new Team Challenge which included the same four separate skate zones. In the end, the Blind Skateboards team made up of: TJ Rogers, Micky Papa, Cody McEntire and Trey Wood came out on top with the most points.

In all, nine teams competed which also included heavy hitters from Flip, Plan B, Element, Real, Birdhouse, Toy Machine, Baker and enjoi.

Catch up on all of the action from the weekend at, and tune into the televised broadcast on NBC from 5-6pm EST on July 30th and at 2-4pm EST on July 31st.

Final Results
Individual Pro Competition
1. Ryan Sheckler (USA) – 364.33
2. Louie Lopez (USA) – 356.98
3. Ryan Decenzo (CAN) – 344.66
4. Cody McEntire (USA) – 323.65
5. Sean Malto (USA) – 321.32
6. Carlos Ribiero (BRA) – 313.00

Team Competition
1. Blind Skateboards – 369.32
Cody McEntire (USA) – Gaps 90.33
TJ Rogers (CAN) – Tech 90.33
Micky Papa (CAN) – Rails 95.66
Trey Wood (USA) – Bowl 93.00

2. Flip Skateboards – 359.66
Louie Lopez (USA) – Gaps 92.00
Luan Oliveira (BRA) – Tech 81.33
Alec Majerus (USA) – Rails 93.00
Curren Caples (USA) – Bowl 93.33

3. Plan B Skateboards – 358.99
Chris Joslin (USA) – Gaps 94.00
Scott Decenzo (CAN) – Tech 89.66
Jagger Eaton (USA) – Rails 92.33
Ryan Sheckler (USA) – Bowl 93.33