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Fallen ‘Road Less Traveled’ Intro Part

Transworld has posted the Intro of Fallen’s ‘Road Less Traveled’ documentary. Check back on Wednesday for the full Turkey section then on Friday watch the full Portugal part.

Just in case you missed Transworld’s ‘Afternoon In The Park’ with the Fallen team, you can watch it by clicking here.

Diego Oliveira Interview At Red Bull

Red Bull has posted this video and an interview with Brazilian shredder Diego Oliveira at their site. Check it out.

Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding – Episode 36

YouTube Preview Image
After 35 episodes of Loveletters, Grosso closes out the season 4 finale with a few mini Loveletter ideas that the LTS crew hasn’t gotten to do yet. Neil Blender, Fathers and Sons, and the Texans included. Dig in and get some history.

Kimberley Diamond Cup Results

Nyjah Huston KDC 2013 Many miles and hours of travel away, in Kimberley, South Africa several top pros and ams gathered and competed at the Kimberley Diamond Cup for a share of the sizable prize purse. The event was run in a head-to-head format and presented as a live webcast as well. On Saturday, Andy Macdonald took home the win in the combined Vert/Big Air competition and Nyjah Huston nailed down top honors on the street course on Sunday. Drop by The Boardr site for complete results, photos and video footage.

Final Results
1. Nyjah Huston – $100,000
2. Felipe Gustavo
3. Louie Lopez
4. Manny Santiago
5. Alec Majerus
6. Trevor Colden

Vert/BigAir Overall – Combined results from 50% Vert and 50% Big Air scores.
1. Andy Macdonald – $60,000
2. Jono Schwan
3. Pierre Luc Gagnon
4. Rony Gomes
5. Marcelo Bastos
6. Alex Perelson

1. Andy Macdonald
2. Pierre Luc Gagnon
3. Jono Schwan
4. Rony Gomes
5. Sam Beckett
6. Alex Perelson

Big Air
1. Jono Schwan
2. Andy Macdonald
3. Jagger Eaton
4. Marcelo Bastos
5. Elliot Sloan
6. Pierre Luc Gagnon

Roll Call: Chris Colbourn

Check out the latest Roll Call from Transworld which features Chris Colbourn. Look for Chris in James Buchmann’s Cut And Dry video tonight at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles.

Raney Burns Fourever

YouTube Preview Image Raney Beres take control in his new Spitfire ad and Burns Fourever video clip. Check out the the newest releases from Spitfire with pro wheels from Ramondetta, Navarrette, AVE, TNT and more.