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Jake Donnelly Has a Website

Jake DonnellyAfter a bit of a surprise for going pro with his new signature deck, Real Skateboards’ very own Jake Donnelly has been gifted a website of his own outfitted with videos and a chance for you to win one of his signature boards as well. Congrats Jake!

Also, just today, Real updated their InstaREAL app with three new filters and are hosting a contest to win one of Jake Donnelly’s new pro boards.


-Download the free InstaREAL app

-Use the 3 new filters to Post a congrats message to @JakeDonnelly on Instagram

-Tag your photo with #congratsjakenowpro

-On Friday August 9th, 5 winners will be picked to win Jake Donnelly’s first Pro REAL deck.

If you already have the App just launch it on your phone and the new filters will be in there, if you still need to get the app just download it for free from the links below.

InstaREAL for Android

InstaREAL for iPhone

Hybridation, a Fred Mortagne Film

Hybridation creatively combines a mix of Fred Mortagne’s photographic and cinematic work with the skateboarding of Flo Mirtain, Sammy Winter, Lucas Puig, Tyler Bledsoe, Arto Saari and others. Kick back and indulge in ten minutes of unadulterated skateboarding brilliance. The soundtrack by Mount Analogue, was written especially for this short. Dig in.

Grosso’s Loveletters: Origins of the Slide ‘n Roll

YouTube Preview Image
Long before they were called boardslides, the original mode of sliding across the bottom of your deck was coined as a “Slide ‘n Roll.” It rapidly progressed from the foundations of the Rock and Roll invented by Tim Marting. In this episode of Loveletters, Jeff Grosso breaks down this widely applied and adapted vert trick for those young and old along with bowl veterans and skate legends, Doug ‘Pineapple’ Saladino and Chris Strople. Moving that progression forward into the streets in the years that followed, Geoff Rowley discusses the wide open adaptation of this beloved trick. Open your eyes and listen in.

Adventures with Dustin Dollin

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Since filming is in full swing for the Vans video, they’ve taken the opportunity to sit some of the team riders down to look behind the skating. In this episode, Dustin Dollin discusses his Baker 2G part from before Baker was a board brand. This is the first authorized use of this footage since its release.

Jaws Drops in With Dekline

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Watch Jaws avoid the knee buckler in his latest Dekline commercial.

DGK’s Brainstorm – BB Bastidas

For the latest episode of Brainstorm, the DGK media team traveled to Oceanside, CA to meet up with BB Bastidas and get the low down on his background, trips, influences, and his upcoming collaboration with DGK. BB will also be unveiling 30 new paintings at the Fuck BB art show and collaboration release party which will be held on August 29th at the Kayo Store located at 464 North Fairfax, Los Angeles, CA 90036.