Focal Point

“A Wider View” – The Ray Barbee Legacy

“A Wider View” explores the legacy of Ray Barbee and his fascination with analog photography. This short film examines Ray’s passions and influencers through archival footage, an experimental printing process, and a series of interviews key to Ray’s journey including appearances by iconic creatives Sean Cliver, Brian Gaberman, Thomas Campbell and Joe Brook.

Filmed and Edited by Mark Stewart and Cole Mathews. Additional footage contributions from Kurt Hayashi, Greg Hunt and Vans.

Valley Of A Thousand Hills

Valley Of A Thousand Hills
A short film by Jess Colquhoun and Huck Magazine
Hidden within rural Durban, South Africa in the Valley Of A Thousand Hills a secret spot for young shredders is growing. Indigo Skate Camp is empowering the local Zulu villagers to learn and grow through the language of skateboarding and opening opportunities for them to experience what lies on the other side of the hill.
Director and Cinematographer: Jess Colquhoun
Produced by: Jess Colquhoun, Isabel Freeman, Bindi Kaufmann, Andrea Kurland
Editor: Isabel Freeman
Additional Editing: Jess Colquhoun
Assistant Editor: Seb Helestine
Titles: Oliver Stafford
Translations by: Sibusiso Shelembe, Siboniso Langa
Thanks to: Andile Msomi, Sbusiso Sbisi, Asanda Hadebe, Alex King, Ore Okonedo, Charl Jensel, Dallas Oberholzer and everyone at Indigo Skate Camp
Music: ‘Introduction’, ‘Chifundo’ and ‘The Way I Feel’ performed by WITCH.
Courtesy of Now-Again Records & Emmanuel Jagari Chanda.

“Stay Sky; A Brief History Of Sky Siljeg” Mini Documentary

Lib Tech has been making skateboards, using the world’s most environmentally nicer manufacturing practices, for almost 20 years, and for 15 of those Sky Siljeg has been riding for them. Sky and Lib Tech Skate histories run deep as you can see in this short documentary “Stay Sky” that dives in to a little of the history behind Seattle’s child skate contest star turned free flowing, free expressing four wheeled artist and new Lib Tech Skate professional. Enjoy the vid and get out there and skate!

An Ode To Jon Comer

In the mid-nineties, a skateboarder named Jon Comer gained notoriety on the international scene. Despite having a prosthetic leg, Jon climbed the pro ranks and skated at the highest level. To this day, Jon continues to inspire generations of adaptive skateboarders. Here is one of their stories.
Born without hands and missing a leg from the knee down Oscar Loreto Jr. faces challenges few can relate to. Oscar was introduced to his passion of skateboarding by a picture of Jon Comer at an early age. Tired of being treated differently in traditional sports, Oscar found solidarity within the skateboard community.
Watch how one man’s courage trickled-down to inspire generations in “An Ode to Jon Comer.”

Directed by: Ben Stoddard
DOP: Jan Schuster
Assistant Director: Cassandra Surina
Music by: Jeremy Maclean-Wallace
For more information on Adaptive Skateboarding go to:


For over two years, Sean Malto has been working hard physically and mentally to get back on his skateboard, back to the professional level that he was at before a nasty ankle injury took him out in his hometown of Kansas City towards the end of 2013. Ty Evans and his Ghost Digital Cinema crew dig in to point and shine the light on Sean with a short documentary piece as he moves forward from a second surgery while being sidelined from the very thing that fuels his career and happiness – skateboarding.

Unfortunately, injuries are part of the process and progression with skateboarding. We’ve all endured them and they can be brutal, but you get back up and push through the pain to ride another day. Have a look into Sean’s mindset as he takes on physical therapy and discusses his thoughts towards skating comfortably with his friends once again as a top professional street skater.

Filmed entirely on the iPhone and made possible by Apple.


Blow Factory is the story of a unique skateboard brand based in Normandy that makes solid wood decks. Influenced by the 70s, Victor Bloch also cultivates his passion for wood through the preparation of old and decorative timber bicycles, in close collaboration with a local artisan.

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Directed, edited and designed by Stéphane Zissu