Derek Rinaldi

Krux Trucks Silas and Friends in the Grotto

YouTube Preview Image Silas Baxter Neal goes ham in his Portland based personal training facility: The Grotto. Featuring Marius Syvanen, Ron Whaley, Ed Kennedy, Brennan Conroy, Jamie Weller and Ryan Casado.

The Boardr: Roskilde Festival

YouTube Preview Image Skating, music, drinking, camping and dancing in costumes seems to be the norm at the Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark. Watch Nicky Guerrero, Neal Hendrix, Rune Glifberg, Jimmy Wilkins, Alex Perelson rip the ramp while Porpe flies the highest.

Tim O’Connor & Danny Garcia: Weekend Buzz Part 2

YouTube Preview Image This week, on Weekend Buzz part 2 of 2, Tim O’Connor and Danny Garcia discuss meeting Pancho Moler, stories from the greatest skate tour in history, Street League and more!

SUPRA 8 Years of Supra Skateboarding

YouTube Preview Image The upstairs meeting room at Agenda turned into a photo gallery as Supra joined up with some of the photographers the team has been shooting with for the past eight years. On display were prints from Atiba Jefferson, David Broach, Mike Burnett, Dennis Martin, Shad Lambert, Jeremy Adams, and Joe Brook.

Away from the Equator: Episode 3

The final episode of “Away from the Equator” takes the team to Thailand, and even with Madars still hurt, there’s some raw and grimy street action on the menu in Bangkok. With a big bag of footage under their belts, the gang embark on the last leg of the journey to Chiang Mai to visit Songkran – the water festival. Things get messy from here on in.

Northwest Trippin’

Load up your cars, grab your skateboards, some tents and sleeping bags, and take off. That’s what Peacock and this crew of dudes did, and what they got was a ripping weekend in the Northwest. Vast, empty skateparks and roads that never seem to end—it doesn’t get any better than that. Check out some straight-up mashing from Willis Kimbel, Ben Raybourn, Chris Russel, Kevin Kowalski, Cody Lockwood, and many more.