Derek Rinaldi

Handyman Pete: San Pedro Skatepark- Part 2

Peter Hewitt is Handyman Pete. In this second episode from San Pedro Skatepark, he continues the conversation with Ronnie Sandoval on the meaning of DIY.

Street Scraps

Lowcard has posted a montage from Portland, Oregon containing footage that didn’t make the cut for Chris Varcadipane’s Full Length Film “Dusted” (video in progress). Look for the trailer coming soon.

DC SHOES: DC x Dennis McGrath

“Heaven” is the career defining photo narrative as chronicled by renowned photographer Dennis McGrath. The rise and fall of infamous pro skateboarder Lennie Kirk has become the stuff of legend in the skate community and for the first time ever his story is being revealed through the lens of photographer Dennis McGrath in a limited collaboration with DC Shoes.

Skatepark Round-Up: Vans

Vans has one of the deepest skate histories out there. They’ve supported skating through thick and thin and have always had amazing riders. Here’s Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Geoff Rowley, Jason Dill, Curren Caples, Elijah Berle, Dan Lu, Andrew Allen, Chima Ferguson, and Alex Perelson for an episode of Skatepark Round-Up from Thrasher Mag.

Diamond Supply Co. Plaza BBQ

Diamond Supply Co. once again hosted another skate picnic at Hazard Park in Los Angeles this past weekend and they’ve produced this clip to recap the event.

Transportation Unit: Video Interview with Russ Pope