Derek Rinaldi

Strictly Skating With Jordan Hoffart

YouTube Preview Image Following his addition to the Stereo Skateboards team, Jordan Hoffart throws down in his backyard skatepark in the latest episode of “Strictly Skating” from X Games.

The Nike SB App Tricks of the Week: BATB7

YouTube Preview Image Nike SB takes look back at some of the seriously skilled Joes who made it to “Battle at the Berrics 7″ via the Nike SB App and extends a thank you to everyone who went hard at it in the run up and best of luck to the Joes that made it through.

Theeve Park Crashers

YouTube Preview Image The Theeve Trucks team invaded the Active Park! Featuring: Jordan Hoffart, Forrest Edwards, Ronnie Creager, Andrew Cannon, Nick Palmquist, Tomas Vintr, Will Gabourel, Angel Cardenas, & Waylon Hendrix

Anthony Shetler For Stelth Headwear

YouTube Preview Image Anthony Shetler has been added to the team over at Stelth Headwear. Check out his welcome video here.

Jordan Hoffart in Stereophonic Sound: Volume 14

YouTube Preview Image Jordan Hoffart is welcomed to the Stereo team in this latest volume of Stereophonic Sound.

Weekend Hype at Hullet Bowl

This week’s Weekend Hype from Typical Culture travels to Copenhagen’s Hullet Bowl. Filmed last year during a CPH/Malmo trip, Chris Russell, Kevin Kowalski, Mason Merlino, and Cody Lockwood stopped by Hullet a few times to session and film. Check out the results here.