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Out of Frame: Skateboarding, OCD, and Going Big with Adrien Bulard

YouTube Preview Image Red Bull has recently published a short interview and informative film doc with France’s highly motivated and OCD driven Adrien Bulard. Have a look into his lifestyle and talents as he’s surely one of the best skaters rising up from the streets of Europe over the past three years.

DC Backs Wes Kremer For President?!

YouTube Preview ImageWes We Can! DC kicks off its presidential themed campaign for Wes’ second pro model shoe, Wes Kremer 2. Wes is putting skateboarding back into the hands of the people as the Wes Kremer 2 protects boarders with DC’s IMPACT-S technology and a high abrasion reinforced toecap.

John Gardner Joins Creature Fiends

YouTube Preview ImageCreature has proudly welcomed John Gardner to its team of fiends. Have look at this remix of his newest part in the Bruns 2 video. Filmed by Kevin Winters

To view the John’s full part in the Bruns 2 video, pick up a copy of the DVD right here.

Bones Wheels – Welcome Home Steve Caballero

YouTube Preview Image After years of separation, Bones Wheels has welcomed Steve Caballero back to its squad with a new signature wheel.

Robbie Brockel is Pro

YouTube Preview ImageReal Skateboards has released Robbie Brockel’s pro site with a Brockel greatest hits edit and video footage from his pro surprise this weekend at PHXAM. When the whole crew can keep a secret… end up with one hell of a pro surprise. Dig in! Congrats Robbie!

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