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Kevin Kowalski Wins Lincoln City Sweet 16

LC PodiumAlong with Dreamland Skateparks, a lineup of great sponsors, and World Cup Skateboarding in the mix, Lincoln City’s world renowned skatepark recently celebrated its Sweet 16 Bowl Bash last Friday. It has been close to five years since the last skate event was held there, yet the park was properly resurfaced last year, and once the skies cleared and the concrete was dried, a heavy dose of skateboarding commenced through out the day.

We have the results below, and this compilation of footage was shot by Typical Culture’s Zack Dowdy.

Congrats to winners Kevin Kowalski, Mark Scott, Justyce Tabor, Hericles Fagundes and Cash Money and all of those that skated and helped to make it all happen!

Final Results
1. Kevin Kowalski
2. Shaun Ross
3. Dalton Dern
4. Chris Russell
5. Cody Lockwood
6. Al Brunelle

1. Mark Scott
2. Pat Blac
3. Jimmy the Greek
4. Tom Kilroy
5. Dave Duncan

1. Justyce Tabor
2. Bryce Wettstein
3. Sarah Thompson
3. Sarah Scanlan

15 and Over
1. Hericles Fagundes
2. Griffin Chase
3. Chris Von Blon
4. Trever Bates
5. Jacob Calhoun

14 and Under
1. Cash Money
2. Cooper Burrows
3. Sean Fitzsimons
4. Quintin LaVille
5. Shea Burrows

8:00AM The Deluxe Warehouse Video

YouTube Preview ImageOver the last year the DLX Warehouse crew has been working overtime in the streets, filming for ‘8:00AM’ #TheDeluxeWarehouseVideo by Colton Elrod. Copies of the full length video are now available featuring full parts from Adrian Vega, Alex Fatemi, Alex ‘Tonz’ Wolslagel, Zech Stewart and Adam Becerra. Each copy comes with a 36-page zine of photos shot by Bram De Martelaere during the filming. Available through online retailers and better skateshops near you.

Cardiel on The Mostly Skateboarding Podcast

YouTube Preview ImageThe Mostly Skateboarding Podcast has a new episode featuring John Cardiel’s account of the Sunset Car wash session and a story about skateboards literally saving his life in Portland. Listen in!

Damn Am 2015: Mini Mega Contest at Woodward PA

YouTube Preview ImageLast night a new crop of talented skaters took to Woodward PA’s mini MegaRamp and threw down a grip of tricks and combos. Have a look at the future MegaRamp rippers in this contest recap.


YouTube Preview Image The crew at Deluxe just posted a new Pro Tips video with the Our Life crew in #THEBUILDPROJECT Resources site.
Tune in to gain a few words of wisdom and DIY Tips from T-Mo, Albino, and Sean Gutierrez.

The Good Problem

The Good Problem