Bryce Kanights

Portland Days

Spitfire X Skateistan

YouTube Preview ImageSpitfire Wheels has released a mini-site and video with Walker Ryan for their all new Spitfire X Skateistan Formula Four benefit editions. A portion of the proceeds from this wheel designed by Lance Mountain will go to Skateistan to help them continue to empower and educate youth in Afghanistan & Worldwide through skateboarding.

Cody McEntire’s “T-1000” Part

YouTube Preview ImageAs first published online at Thrasher Magazine – Cody Mc Entire’s board control is top notch. This video piece really showcases his professional level skill on a board and it’s well worth a look!

Auby Taylor: 5 & 5 at WSVT for Independent Trucks

YouTube Preview Image Auby Taylor handles WSVT, talks favorite Texas Skaters, and which Independent Trucks riders he’d bring along on a trip! Auby also rides for Black Label, and OJ Wheels.

BS with TG : Episode 2 with James Kelch

YouTube Preview ImageBS with TG is back for a new episode with none other than the Mayor of EMB James Kelch and his stories from the Embarcadero’s Most Blunted, dealing with T-dogs and how he ended up so bloody in the ‘Live Free or Die’ Real Skateboards ad.

Total Recall: The Night Shift