Bryce Kanights

Thunder x Hardies Release

YouTube Preview ImageThunder Trucks has joined up with Hardies Hardware with a new limited one-time release, Thunder X Hardies Hollow Lights – only available in Skate Shops & at Check out the new collar trucks and Thunder x harries Parks and Wreck edit with Kevin Bradley, Jake Donnelly and Na-Kel Smith.

Holy Stokes! a Real Life Happening – Global Premiere Dates

YouTube Preview Image Volcom has officially announced the global premiere dates for its latest full-length skate video, Holy Stokes in this short visual piece. Check out the dates and more info right here.

Part’s Hidden Part

YouTube Preview ImageThe year was 2009 and Al Partanen had skated and filmed so much for the Hesh Law video that he had enough footage for 2 full parts. Here is “Part’s Part” the hidden, bonus part in all it’s glory.

SKATELINE – Chris Joslin, Miles Silvas, Chris Cope, Feeble Front Flip Slam

Chris Cope’s “Route 44” Part

YouTube Preview ImageWith close to eight months still left to go to close out the year, we’ve virtually cast our vote for Thrasher’s 2016 Skater of The Year to Chris Cope. Virtually unknown until his “Route 44” part dropped late last week, this ripper lays tracks and tricks down where few opt to roll. Check out the next three minutes full of unique lines and creative heaviness. Damn.

Jeff Grosso & John Lucero: Weekend Buzz