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Nike SB Chronicles, Vol. 3 – Teaser

YouTube Preview ImageHere’s a tease at the forthcoming Nike SB Chronicles Volume 3.featuring Karsten Kleppan, Omar Salazar, Lance Mountain, Brian Anderson, Eric Koston, Kevin Bradley, Trevor Colden, Cory Kennedy & friends. December is the targeted release month.

Chris Joslin’s “No Hope” Part

Bronson Speed Co: Maximum Impact with Aaron Homoki

YouTube Preview ImageBronson Speed Co. shows why its “Max Impact Cage Design” is super strong with this footage of Aaron “Jaws” Homoki taking maximum impact to another level!



Hobo Daze Tour

In early May of this year, while the masses were busy fussing with their phones and getting up to date on what senseless jargon was happening on various social media sites within their already tight nit clique of friends, a group of skaters in southern China jumped in a van and started a 10 day road trip from Shenzhen to Hainan. The mission: disconnect to reconnect.

The members of the group don’t wear uniforms nor had they nine to five jobs! Society might view these guys as a group of vagabonds that never grew up.

In actuality, they are a small group within otherwise “normal” Chinese society that have very different perspectives and goals. Success, in their eyes, is traveling with friends and cohorts, finding untouched skate spots, challenging themselves, with greater ambitions of being recognized by sponsors. Streets are their office, sticking tricks is their job.

While they are out experiencing, having fun and enjoying life most people are working a day job they don’t like, creating more debt and loan they need to work even harder to pay back. Can’t take a day off, can’t stop, can never slow things down and enjoy their life.

We think life can be simpler. You don’t need to be a millionaire to be happy. Having a group of people that you engage and interact with, doing what you like to do, and really spending time with friends and family, that’s what we define as happiness. We hope to inspire you through our journey.

Directed, filmed and edited: Charles Lanceplaine
Additional filming : Jay Meador
Photography: 张良 Leong Zhang
Produced by: Push Media
Music: Suez War by Hard Beat
Sound mix by: Sammy Maujard

Skaters: Cyres Wong(王汇丰), Jay Meador, Eddie Lai(赖伟), Elliott Zelinskas, and Dars(郑大世).

Omar Salazar’s Doom Sayers Club Story

YouTube Preview ImageIn the wake of Independent’s Omar Salazar Doom Sayers chapter collection, Omar opens up about how he came up with Doom Sayers Club, the “Snake Shake” what it means, and the ideas behind the partnership with Independent Truck Co.