Bryce Kanights

Kristian Svitak: Kill The Kool

YouTube Preview ImageStreet Plant has release a video featuring Kristian Svitak to remind us all to get out there and have fun this Halloween. Cameos and a look back on his past parts included.

Creature Delivers Brutal Footage for Halloweekend

Creature HalloweekendCreature Skateboards has dished out a skate media assault today with parts from four of its masterful hellions. Willis Kimbel gets wickedly loose on diy parks, ramps, rails and everything in between through the Transworld Skateboarding camp’s online portal, Ryan Reyes comes back from injured reserve status with a knee brace and a vengeance over at Thrasher Magazine, Chris Russell slays every bowl and pool to shreds with The Skateboard Mag documenting his every move and David Gravette is soon to let out a heap of heavy hammers at The Berrics site. Creature gets it rolling into the Halloweekend Massacre!

The Build Project : How To Disguise Your DIY – Part 2

YouTube Preview ImageThe Build Project Resource site features a new video: How to Disguise your DIY – Part 2

All you have to do is pose as a homeless person living in a tent and build a DIY ledge inside. No one questions a homeless tent, right?

Curren Caples Joins Nixon Team

Curren Caples has been welcomed to the skate team that knows what time it is. Check out more details over at the Nixon site.

Deluxe is Hiring

Deluxe JobsDeluxe Distribution is hiring for 3 full-time in-house positions:

– Videographer/ Content Creator

– Soft Goods / Accessories Designer & Developer

– Graphic Designer Artist

They’re looking for people to work in-house at their offices in the SF/Bay area who are down to jump in and grind all day long.
If that’s you – apply at: