Donuthill’s The 4th Annual Reggie Destin Memorial Time Trials & Carve Contest

YouTube Preview ImageDuring the Thanksgiving holiday break the crew at Donuthill complex threw down their 4th Annual Reggie Destin Memorial Time Trials & Carve Contest. The commemorative event was generously supported by many skate companies in our industry and it yielded some great times. Have a look!

Final Results
Overall Combined Times
1. Travis Baigent 38.51 seconds
2. Logan Young 40.57 seconds
3. Sean Hanley 40.69 seconds

Fastest on Course
Course 1 – Travis Baigent 38.51
Course 2 – Travis Baigent 9.25
Course 3.1 (*on a Krooked Lightning Bolt custom) – Lee Osterholt 11.15 seconds
Course 3.2 (*on a Schmitt Stix Lucero Street Thing) – Pat Murphy 9.57 seconds

Longest Carve
1. James Brown (Goofy, backside) 25’1/2″
2. Jeff Chase (Goofy, frontside) 24′ 11″
3. Jay Jenson (Regular, backside) 23′ 1/2″

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