Bowl-A-Rama Wellington Results

Bowl-A-Rama Wellington 2014The newly launched International Skateboarder’s Union has just wrapped up its first outing with the 7th Annual Bowl-A-Rama event at Wellington, New Zealand’s Waitangi Bowl. Brazil’s Pedro Barros poured on a heavy serving of gnarliness with bio airs and fluid lines with speed and consistency to take top honors in the Pro division. First-time Bowl-A-Rama participant Brian Patch stuck to his guns to claim the Masters title.

If you missed the livestream webcast, you can watch all 6 hours of it right here.

For complete results and a rundown of the event, read the recap through this link.

Final Results

1. Pedro Barros $4,200
2. Alex Sorgente $2,500
3. Murilo Peres $1,600
4. Felipe Foguinho $1,100
5. Cory Juneau $900
6. Sky Siljeg $800
7. Vi Kakinho $700
8. Otavio Neto $600

1. Brian Patch $1,750
2. Lester Kasai $1,100
3. Pat Ngoho $800
4. Sergie Ventura $600
5. Sean Goff $500
6. Steve Crump $350
7. Leigh McKenzie $250
8. Jason Parks $200

Best Trick
Sky Siljeg – Fs ollie tailgrab off of the extension

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