Austin Stephens Retires from Toy Machine

Austin StephensThis week Toy Machine is celebrating the skateboard career of Austin Stephens with the release of the Austin Stephens Farewell deck.

From the mouth of Ed Templeton – “I recall Austin coming to me at the Toy Machine Halloween demo a few years back saying that he didn’t think he could do it anymore. And I said, ‘Do what?’ and he said, ‘Skateboard. My ankle doesn’t work anymore.’ It was a heavy realization, one a skateboarder hates to actually come to grips with. Every skateboarder thrashes their ankles over time, and for Austin, it was just one tear, tweak, twist too many and after loads of procedures and healing time it seemed to be worse than when he started.

I respect a man who is willing to see things as they are and make an honest choice. So it was with great sadness that we retired Austin Stephens, the rider who was on Toy Machine the longest aside from me.”

Toy Machine will be doing a number of blog posts in remembrance of Austin’s stylish and graceful career and his contributions to the Bloodsucking Skateboard Company.

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