Yoshi Tanenbaum Lands on Stereo Team

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Maryland’s Yoshi Tanenbaum has worked his way up the ranks of the Stereo flow program ripping the streets of the Baltimore/DC area, winning a Damn AM, helping Stereo win the Woodward West Shootout, and generally leaving everyone who sees him skate in person with a dropped jaw. When you’re out on the road, he’s the guy skating flatground in the parking lot at 2am after skating all day and night. He’s a true powerhouse who skates every session like it’s the last day on earth. To describe him as hard working is an understatement. With all that said, Stereo Skateboards is honored to announce Yoshi as our newest am to our team. You’ve truly earned this one buddy. Welcome to the Stereo squad! ” – Chris Pastras

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