Jeremy Scott vs. Phillps-NHS Copyright Dispute Resolved

Jeremy ScottThe copyright dispute between Santa Cruz-based NHS Inc. and well-known New York fashion designer Jeremy Scott has been settled. As a part of the agreement, Scott has admitted to his wrong doing and his plagiarism of Jim Phillips’ highly recognizable designs and illustrations and let people know that these particular pieces of apparel and handbags would not be manufactured or sold from his Fall 2013 line. Rightfully, all sample garments have been destroyed.

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel’s report, “We are satisfied with the outcome,” said Bob Denike, the CEO and president of NHS/Santa Cruz Skateboards. “We don’t like to do this kind of stuff, and in fact, we waited a while to see if he would contact us on his own. When he did not, we decided to take action.”

Good on ya NHS. Kooks such as this need to be put in check.

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