Brad McClain Wins Battle at Hastings IV

Vancouver, BC is still buzzing about the epic event known as Battle at Hastings IV last Saturday. It took place at the city’s Hastings skatepark under perfect skies with a large crowd in attendance and Renee Renee returned to emcee for the first time since the bowl jam at Slam 05.

Hometown heroes Rick McCrank and Rob “Sluggo” Boyce got in the mix of the competition as well.

Final Results
1. Brad McClain (81.75) $6000
2. Cody Lockwood (73.95) $3000
3. James Clarke (72.1) $1500
4. Adam Hopkins (67.85) $1000
5. Steve Reeves (67.5) $600
6. Rob “Sluggo” Boyce (64.85) $300
7. Sky Siljeg (57.8) $250
8. Frank Shaw (57.5) $250
9. Riley Boland (57.1)
10. Rick McCrank (39.2)

An additional $2000 provided by (Supra Distribution and Ultimate Distribution) was set aside for Best Trick battles on two different obstacles. A private company (BC MEA) donated $1000 in honor of Josh Evin for a winner-take-all best trick over the volcano hip that Josh used to rip like no other. That obstacle was won by Charlie Blair.

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