Ultra Bowl 5 – Rain Checks and Results

Chris RussellUnfortunately, this weekend’s Ultra Bowl 5 got shut down a bit early due to soggy skies dripping down at the end of the Semi-Final rounds. And after waiting sixty minutes through the rain delay, it was decided to go with the scores on the board and the results were announced. It’s too bad the guys in the last Semi-Finals heat still had over 4 minutes remaining on the clock when Mother Nature began weeping from above. Oh well, there’s still a big party going on in Malmö right about now!

Congrats to all of those that either skated or attended and helped to put on this exceptional skate event!

Final Results
1. Chris Russell
2. Fernando Bramsmark
3. Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg
4. Josh Borden
5. Mason Merlino
6. Danny Leon
7. Willis Kimbel
8. Bjorn Lillesoe

1. Nicky Guerrero
2. Mark “Red” Scott
3. Jocke Olson

1. Trey Wood
2. Osvald Harrysson
3. Ivan Federico

“Get Set Go” Girls
1. Amelia Brodka
2. Emma Fastesson Lindgren
3. Alana Smith

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